Volunteer Roles

We have many open volunteer roles throughout the year, and would love to help you find the role that’s right for you! Below is a brief summary of each department, and what kinds of volunteers they need. Below that is a list of some of our most-needed volunteer positions. If you aren’t sure where you might fit, this is the page to find out! If you still aren’t sure, email hr@furtherconfusion.org.

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Departments at Further Confusion

Department Description Good Volunteer Matches
Programming  They put together our schedule of events! Programming is one of the largest departments at FC, with roles available for many skill levels. Track leads work directly with Programming execs to curate a wide variety of panels and place them on a schedule. Programming also oversees the Fursuit LoungeCreator’s Lounge, Main Stage Events, Fursuit Parade, and Gaming Rooms! If it happens in a room, at a time, programming has a hand on it. Organized folks may find a role as a track lead rewarding. This role is a bigger commitment, and requires good email communication.

If you love helping fursuiters, you may enjoy volunteering in our fursuit lounges (cooldown rooms for suiters).

If you love helping artists, a role in monitoring our creator’s lounge may be a good fit for you!

If you want to be in the middle of the action, you may like being a stagehand for our shows.

If gaming is your passion, you would be appreciated in our gaming room!


Operations  This department is also very large! Operations is the heart of our convention — the people who make sure the day-to-day things keep running. Con Ops is the central hub of our event, where volunteers go to check in, where Gofurs receive assignments, and where our radio equipment is housed. The Logistics team makes sure everything we need arrives safely at the convention, and back into storage when the event is over. Our fantastic Hospitality team keeps our volunteers well fed throughout the event. Folks with good customer service skills might enjoy Con Ops. This is a good way to learn more about the convention, and to help our attendees when they have a problem.

Volunteers who aren’t sure what they’d like to do, or who want to try everything, would be a great fit in Gofurs! These are the hardworking folks who get sent where we need help the most.

If you don’t mind heavy lifting and want to work before/after the con only, Logistics is a great place to start! This role leaves you free to enjoy your con.

Radio enthusiasts are encouraged to apply for positions within operations. Our Radio Leads help our volunteers keep in touch with each other.

Do you like food, and making sure others stay healthy? A role in Hospitality might be right for you!

Marketing  This department spreads the word about our event. Marketing puts together our conbook, reaches out to local businesses, talks to the media, manages social media, puts together our signage, and hosts our annual picnic. You may also see members of the marketing team doing outreach at other events, or ordering staff gifts. Artists are a great fit for marketing! We are always in need of great art for our flyers, website, signage, and more.

If you have a knack for layout design or editing, we’d love your help putting together our conbook, pocket program, and/or signage!

If you love outreach and like to use proper grammar, you may be a good fit for our social media or outreach team!

You might enjoy ordering swag for our volunteers and events if you like making others feel appreciated, or if you know how to find good deals on custom printing.

Folks who enjoy networking may like liaising with local businesses, or representing the convention at other events.

Business Business is in charge of our Dealer’s Room, Art Show, Registration, and Auctions. They also work directly with our Charity for the year. If it involves commerce, or costs money, Business handles it. People who like to help artists may enjoy working in the Dealer’s Room or Art Show.

If you are good at customer service and want to meet people, registration will let you be the first volunteer most of our attendees meet!

If you are a fursuiter, or someone who loves helping those in need, we may need people to drum up charity donations.

Hotel  The leads in this department work directly with our venues, both the convention center and the hotels. With the help of programming, they put together our event orders: the instructions for each room configuration during our event. They also put in our catering requests, and answer questions about hotel rooms. Do you like to party? Do you like to do it safely? Party Maven may be the job for you! This person monitors our party floor, and alerts the right people if there are any issues.

Open Roles

Marketing: Conbook Assistant: If you are skilled in copy editing, page layouts, or creative writing, we could use an extra hand in putting our annual conbook together.

Business: Art Show Staff: In this role, you will assist with art show setup and tear down. Assist artists with hanging artwork. Help attendees bid on art. Assist with art sales at the end of the show. This is a good role for a first-time volunteer!

Business: Registration Staff: Be one of the first volunteers our attendees interact with. If you always have a smile and a friendly, efficient personality, this might be the role for you. You will help register attendees and distribute pre-registrations. If you’ve never volunteered with the convention before and aren’t sure where to start, registration may be a great role for you.

Programming: Science Track Lead: Further Confusion offers an extremely varied lineup of programming. As track lead, you will need to solicit programming submissions and suggestions for the track. You will work with accepted panelists to make sure the panel is the best experience it can be for both the attendees and the panelist as possible. This means also coordinating with Programming Directors to schedule your track’s offerings.

Programming: Fursuit Lounge Staff: A large draw of any convention is being able to dress up in fursuits and interact with others in the con space. As a fursuit lounge staff member, you will help ensure the lounges, where these suiters need to take a break and hydrate or dry off, are stocked well with water, wipes, towels, etc. You will do this by contacting con ops when you see us running low. This is another great role for a first-time volunteer.

Gofur: Want to help out, but not sure what you want to do? Maybe it’s your first time volunteering, or you’re looking for a smaller commitment which allows you to pick your own hours at con? Want to see many different aspects of how the convention is run? As a gofur, you will help around the con where needed. Many departments use gofur volunteers to supplement their full-time volunteers. Monitor entrances to areas to ensure guests are properly badged. Help manage lines and crowds around the convention.

There are many more roles available, and the above list is only a sample of what we’re looking for. If you think there’s another position you might like, please feel free to apply! If you’re still unsure where you fit, you can reach us at hr@furtherconfusion.org, and we’ll be delighted to help you. Thank you for your interest in joining our team!