Our 2019 schedule is now live! Click here to view the schedule!

Further Confusion prides itself on being very community driven. With that in mind, we strive to bring you panels from many different interest groups within the fandom, put on by skilled and knowledgeable presenters from the community. If you have a great idea for a panel, please don’t hesitate to submit it! We would love to have you be a part of what makes Further Confusion an excellent convention.

Panel submissions for 2019 are CLOSED! Email for late additions

Panel Tracks

Each of our panels falls into a different track, or interest group. At Further Confusion, we group panels into the following tracks:


Are you an aspiring artist? This is the place to learn! Are you a seasoned pro, looking to show us how its done? This is the place to teach! Art Track panels are where the joy of art is shared between attendees, and new skills are learned.


Whether you’re just starting your first project or are ready to reveal the secrets of your finely honed craft, Fursuit and Costuming track is the place to be if you love to dress up in or create costumes of any kind. Panels in past years have included hands-on workshops, lessons on performing as a costumed character, and roundtable discussions. Come join the fun!

Gaming (Electronic and Tabletop)

With a huge room dedicated to nothing but games, and a group of volunteers ready to play and teach, gaming track is sure to be a hit! Feel free to bring your own games, or come and play with ours. Everyone is welcome!

Science and Technology

Whether you want to build a rocket or talk about protoplasm, the Science and Technology Track is here to make sure you learn and have fun with science! The panels in this track are always exciting and interesting, so be sure to stop by.


Social Track is home to meetups, panels about popular interests, and roundtable discussions about fandoms that aren’t necessarily our own. Previous panels have included a “My Little Pony” presentation, a Tai Chi lesson, and several Meet-and-Greets. Something interesting is always happening here!


We might think animals are cute, but these panels are a chance to learn more about them! The species track provides content that helps attendees learn about and connect with the animals they love, making it one of our most popular attractions.


With all the wonderful literature in the furry community, we couldn’t be happier to have a track dedicated to discussing it. With writing workshops and readings all weekend, you can unleash your inner bookworm.


From dancing, to fursuiting, to puppetry, and beyond, this is the track for panels about performance arts. Whether you’re learning a new skill, or teaching it as a panel host, you are sure to have plenty of active fun here.

If you have any questions, please email!