June News Update

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Fresh from the FC News Wire, a few updates for you!

  • Further Confusion is proud to co-present Eric Risher’s short film “Furries” (among other short films) at Frameline Film Festival’s Only in SF show tomorrow, June 20! Tickets are still available here: https://ticketing.frameline.org/festival/film/detail.aspx?id=3906&FID=53
  • We will be opening our Dealer’s Room applications from Wednesday, June 22 until Sunday, June 26. Stay tuned for details!
  • Also on Wednesday, June 22, as previously announced, we will be opening our general pre-registration! Pre-registration tickets will be $60 (our at-the-door price is $70), with sponsor tickets at $140 and super-sponsor tickets at $280.
  • Finally, our first staff meeting will take place at Gardner Community Center in San Jose this Saturday, June 25, at 1PM! The full address is Gardner Hall, 520 W Virginia St, San Jose, CA 95125. All interested community members and potential staff members are welcome to attend–come hear about the new year!

If you have any questions, please send them to our Twitter account or to info@furtherconfusion.org. Thank you!

Dealer’s Den Rules Posted

We’ve posted our draft Dealer’s Den rules on our Dealer’s Rules page! Please read on there for new information about space, prices, load-in and load-out, our new Artist’s Alley, and other details.

In the interest of getting a clear and agreeable set of rules before they have been finalized, we are soliciting constructive feedback and comments; as such, the rules will be evolving through Sunday, June 19. If you have questions or feedback about our rules, please email us at dealers@furcon.org, post to our forum thread, or (if it fits) tweet at us at @furcon and we’ll fix up the rules as best we can.

Thank you again for being a part of our community!

FC2017 Announcement

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your patience as we’ve been sorting out the new year. We have had a lot to revise and now have a lot to announce!


First and foremost we can now confirm our January announcement that Further Confusion will be returning on January 12-16, 2017 in the San Jose Convention Center expansion space as well as the San Jose Marriott and Hilton. We believe that this new space will provide much-needed room to grow, including our social space, programming space, and commercial space to help us provide a top-notch experience for all of our guests.

We do expect a number of changes this year, as the new space allows or requires; this includes a Thursday night “Arrivals Lounge” and Dance in the Marriott, as well as a rerouting or format change for Saturday afternoon’s fursuit parade. We’ll have more to announce across the next few months!

Dealers Den and Artist Alley

Pending confirmation with the fire marshal, our current layout will allow our Dealer’s Room table count to grow by 20-30% (to ~120 from ~98), with the possibility of additional tables to be determined. In lieu of the Marketplace, we are introducing an additional 12 Artist Alley seats per sales day (36 total) selected via lottery, with the possibility of more based on interest. Finally, we have designed the room to accommodate a limited number of 10’x10’ booth setups.

Our dealers application window will open on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 and will close on Sunday, June 26. As with previous years, application date and time will not be a selection factor, to allow for all of our dealers to fit the application into their busy schedules; selection will take place the following week, and approved dealers will be given a brief “early-access” hotel registration opportunity. We will be announcing our revisions to FC2016’s juried dealer selection process, as well as FC2017’s new policies (prices, union-friendly load-in, and electrical considerations) in the next few days for public comment and revision.

Artist Alley applications will be open in the fall, and will be tentatively chosen by lottery in November. As we do for Dealers, we will require a California temporary seller’s permit on file by convention time for all of our selected Artist Alley vendors.


Registration will also open on Wednesday, June 22, 2016. Our final prices will be $60 for Pre-Reg Attending memberships ($70 at the door), $140 for Sponsor memberships, and $280 for Super-Sponsor memberships. We have also revised our staff rates to better recognize our many volunteers; staff, please see below.


After fully booking our room block for FC2016, we have increased our room block for FC2017, and will open for hotel bookings through Passkey on Sunday, July 10, 2016 at 2PM Pacific Time. We will again be hosting some of our events in the Hilton and Marriott, and are finalizing negotiations to offer rooms at the Fairmont. We have inquired about room blocks within the Westin St. Claire and Ramada, and will announce their opening if and when they become available.


Our first staff meeting of the year will be at Gardner Community Center in San Jose on Saturday, June 25, 2016 at 1PM. With our new registration structure, we have made room to recognize our staff members with fully-comped (free) attendee registration, and $70-discounted registration upgrades ($70 sponsor, $210 super-sponsor). We are extremely grateful to our volunteers and hope that this better reflects our appreciation toward those who give their time behind the scenes to make FC happen!

Other Dates

  • Our panel submissions will be open starting in the next couple of weeks and will be open until early fall.
  • DJ applications will be open in the late summer.
  • Dance Competition auditions will be open in the fall.
  • Art Show registration dates are TBD (likely mid-summer).
  • Lingering requests for conbooks, pocket programs, and gear will be sent out shortly. (Thank you for your patience; some of our FC2017 prep took more time than expected!)

Thank you!

Thank you everyone, and please let us know at info@furtherconfusion.org if you have questions about upcoming dates or about FC2017!


FC2017 Executive Staff

FC2016 Wrap Up!

Hello everyone! Thanks for a fantastic FC2016. A few details for you as we wrap up the year.

  • Our final attendance number: 3,454 attendees (update: 3,536 attendees). Our final parade number: 760 fursuiters.
  • We are still awaiting news from the hotel about our Clean Room Contest winners. Stay tuned!
  • Update 2/3/2016: Our dance competition video and photoshoot/parade photos are online! Our videographers are currently editing our photos and FCTV footage. We expect to have them posted across the next few weeks. Thank you again to Kyreeth and Dragonscales Photography for taking, posting, and hosting our photoshoot photos!
  • Did you miss out on picking up your sponsor swag, super-sponsor swag, t-shirt, conbook, pocket program, or diner mat? Please fill out this form and we’ll get them to you as soon as we can!
  • As announced, we are in final negotiations to move to the SJCC expansion next year (the new building between the Marriott and Hilton). Exciting details to come!
  • If you have feedback about our convention, please send it to feedback@furtherconfusion.org. We’d love to hear how to make FC better!
  • Finally, in case you missed it, our theme for FC2017 is “Going Places”: for the love of travel, tourism, and beautiful sights around the world. Check out our nifty concept art by MittyMandi, and stay tuned for more art and details!

Regarding FC2017, we will be opening for attendee registration in late winter, and dealer registration, hotel rooms, and panel submissions in the late spring.

Thanks everyone! If you have any questions, please reach out to info@furtherconfusion.org. See you all next year!

At-Con Registration “Fast Lane”!

Welcome to Further Confusion 2016! We know the wait in the at-con registration line has been long and tedious in the past, and we want to get you registered and having fun as soon as possible! Here’s how to expedite your registration, starting at 5PM on Thursday:

  • Register and pay online at: https://reg.furtherconfusion.org/ (from your hotel room, from the car, from the lobby, from dinner, anywhere!)
  • Check the badge pickup area to receive your badge. You will still need to bring a photo ID and the signed Parental Consent Form, if applicable.

If you can’t pay online or are choosing to pay with cash, you can still register at the above link to save some time, but will need to wait for an available registration staff member to process your payment before we can print your badge.

We will still have laptops at Registration for those who need them!

And if you’ve pre-registered, we’ll be beginning pick-up on the 2nd floor atrium of the Convention Center starting at 2PM. Just bring a photo ID!

We hope you have a great time at Further Confusion!
– FC Registration staff

What’s New in 2016

Hello everyone!

We recently launched the FC schedule (online on sched.org and via our newly-posted pocket program). We wanted to highlight a few improvements and changes we’ve made to this year’s schedule, so you can be fully aware of them as you plan your trip. (These are all printed in the pocket program on page 3.)

  • Our Masquerade has changed format to an open invite gala for costume makers and their creations, as announced on our Masquerade page.
  • Our fursuit games, Critterlympics, have moved to Friday afternoon at 1pm.
  • Our Fursuit Parade has moved later on Saturday afternoon, lining up at 2pm with a photo immediately before stepping off at 3pm.
  • FC: Unleashed!, our variety show, will feature our musical guests and perfomers this year as “Furry Bandstand”.
  • We’ve expanded to claim more space in the Hilton this year! We now have two panel rooms and our three gaming rooms, including late-night and Monday gaming.
  • On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we’ll feature Artemis, a fun multi-player starship bridge simulation. Training provided! See page 14.
  • Our social meetups and photoshoot reservations are back! Sign up at furcon.org/meetups and we’ll get you on the schedule.

Remember: Our last staff meeting is Saturday January 9, and it’s not too late to join us and help put on this wonderful con. See you all at FC!


FC End-Of-Year Update!

Hello FurCon Community! We have lots of exciting announcements for you.

  • Our dance schedule is up! Come see what great DJs we have in store for you for our 2016 convention year.
  • Tonight is the final night for booking our convention hotels! There are currently a very limited number of available rooms in our main block. Head over to our Hotels page for more.
  • In case you missed it, our forums are up and running, and are a great place to find a ride or room-share. Check them out!
  • Fancy Friday tickets are still available! Come in your fancy clothes and have some cocktails for charity.
  • Our discounted $50 price for pre-registered attendees are good through the end of the year. Don’t miss out—register today! (We’ll have pre-registration open at our at-the-door price of $60 until January 9, and will accept Sponsor memberships, Super Sponsor memberships, and upgrades to those levels until then!)
  • We’ve changed the format of our masquerade this year! Head on over to our Masquerade page to check it out.
  • Finally, thank you to all our panelists and dealers for their participation in our 2016 year! We’re finalizing the schedule and dealer placements right now and look forward to posting them next week.

If you have any questions, please use our contact page and we’ll get right on it.

Thank you everyone, and see you in January!

FurCon 2016 Attendees: Take Note!

A sneak peek at our Attendee badge, with artwork by Farore Nightclaw!

Greetings all! Latte here with some important notes about FC 2016, coming up in less than a month! (Sweet!!!)

A very important thing to keep in mind for this FC in particular: we’ll be taking place just a few short weeks before Super Bowl 50, which will be hosted by the neighboring city of Santa Clara at Levi’s Stadium on February 7th. Our host hotels, the Marriott and the Hilton, have both undergone extensive remodeling and retrofitting as they prepare to welcome football fans, team staff, and media for this huge production. Let’s show our host venues and early Super Bowl arrivals what a positive and awesome community furry can be! Let’s take extra care to ensure that sleeping rooms are left in excellent condition, and respect the common areas, meeting rooms, ballrooms, and hallways during the con. This year it will be very important to make a great impression, as it may open doors for us in the very near future!

We have a *full menu* of updates to share in the next few weeks, so stay tuned to the website and our Twitter feed for the freshest news!

Here’s three quick updates for now:

And of course, make sure you’ve REGISTERED! Pre-registration pricing lasts until December 31st at 11:59PM, be sure to lock in the $50 Attending rate!

Here’s hoping that everyone has a fantastic holiday season, and is hyped to join us at Cafe FC in 2016!

Best wishes,

Lauren “Latte” Kelsey
FurCon 2016 Chair