FC2020 Neo San Jose Submissions

Further Confusion Cyberpunk 2020 is looking for contributions to its digital media program. Throughout the Furcon convention space will be an assortment of recycled monitors and projectors displaying products, performances, and artwork from the furry community.

We are accepting submissions of furry cyberpunk artwork, ads for real furry products and services, ads for fake cyberpunk products, and fursuits modeling cyberpunk fashion and accesories. Space is limited and cyberpunk themed submissions will be prioritized.

Please submit final piece by January 12th. Send submissions and questions to theming@furtherconfusion.org

Accepted image formats: .jpeg, .jpg, .png. Display orientation comes in both horizontal and vertical orientation and images will be resized to fit the display.

Accepted video formats: .mp4. Keep segments under 45 seconds. Use subtitles as there won’t always be sound.