End of November news round up!

We are just over a month out now from FC 2017! We are wrapping up the final planning steps now for our new space layout and schedules. Here’s a brief update on events/signups closings soon, general reminders, and announcements:

Remember that Pre-Registration ends on December 31st. Avoid that wait in the at con line and register early! http://www.furtherconfusion.org/register/

Art show:  Interested in possibly selling something you’ve made? We’re accepting reservations for flat art panels and 3D art table spaces as long as space is available. You can find out more and reserve a space at http://www.furcon.org/artshow

Conbook submissions are closing today! Have any art, stories, or poetry you’d like to submit for everyone to see in this year’s convention book? Just send it to conbook@furtherconfusion.org  Please check out for more details http://www.furtherconfusion.org/conbook. If you need any special cosiderations in your submission or date extentions please contact us.

FC Masquerade: looking for fursuit makers of all levels to be judges. Contact programming@furtherconfusion.org

Staff Meeting: Further Confusion’s December Planning meeting is Saturday Decemeber the 17th in the Hilton San Carlos Room at 1:00pm. http://www.furtherconfusion.org/volunteer/

Stay tuned for more updates soon!