FC: SJCC Expansion Update

 Hello FC community! We have some exciting news for you.

In short, in reflection of popular demand and our evaluation of Further Confusion’s needs and opportunities, we are in final negotiations to secure the SJCC expansion space.


Some quick Q&A:

“Final negotiations”? Is it confirmed? We are very grateful to Team San Jose for a very attractive firm offer on this space, and if all goes to plan we will sign our contract as our books close after con.

Will things move around? Very much so. In particular, Art Show, Main Stage, and Second Stage, and our Dealer’s Room will move drastically. We’re still working out our best plan for space usage.

What space do we keep? We expect to keep all the Marriott and Hilton space we used for FC2016. We will give up our current Convention Center space in favor of that expansion space.

Will registration change? Yes, we expect a small increase in registration cost to cover our cost increases. We also expect an upgrade of the thank-you gifts we offer our sponsors and super-sponsors.

Does this mean “no volleyball”? No, we will be taking the space that Genesis took this year. As far as we know we will continue to share the space with our volleyball neighbors.

What’s this about dealers? If this contract goes through, we expect our dealer’s room to move to the convention center, allowing us to take more dealers and give our dealers more space around their tables. We also expect that dealer’s costs may increase to cover changes in our costs. There are a lot of details to work out here–watch this space!

What other changes do we expect? Some proposals include a move of Second Stage into a part of the San Jose Ballroom, where Dealer’s is now, which would situate it well for large catered events. As with all years, we’ll likely change around our programming in an effort to make our space better and based on attendee feedback from this year.


If you have any questions about this change, please email info@furtherconfusion.org and we’ll do our best to answer as we work out the details of this year’s changes. We will also be discussing these changes tomorrow, Monday of FC2016, at the AAE Board Meeting and at our feedback event the Hiss and Purr. Thank you for being a part of the FC community–we’re very proud of our work and hope you’re as excited as we are about the coming year!


Jeff “Dax” Bowman
Chairman, FC2017