December Roundup

Howdy FurCon Community,

We’re less than a month away from Further Confusion 2019, so here’s the latest information you need to be prepared!

In this update: Code of Conduct Updates, Fancy Friday, Charity Spotlight, Registration, Dance Competition, FC:Unleashed, Art Show, and Hotel

Code of Conduct Updates

Over the last week, we published an update to our code of conduct. The response was overwhelmingly positive, but we also received some critical feedback and suggestions for further improvements. With that in mind, we sat down and gave the entire CoC a fresh look. The “Membership” section was rewritten, expanded, and clarified as the “Membership and Attendance” and “Termination and Revocation” sections. Additional small formatting changes and clarifications were made, including adjustments to the “Costumes, Clothing, Behavior, and Safety” section. We have made several changes throughout, and encourage you all to check out the full code on

We recognize that these changes will not be universally popular, but we believe they are a necessary step in modernizing our code of conduct to meet the changing needs of our community. As always, we welcome your feedback. You may reach us with comments, questions, or concerns at any time by emailing

Fancy Friday

Tickets for Fancy Friday are now available! Fancy Friday is our annual cocktail party, featuring a selection of desserts, coffees, teas, and adult beverages. All proceeds from this event benefit our charity, Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley! You can purchase your admission, and drink tickets, ahead of time by visiting

Help us support local wildlife!

Our 2019 charity is Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley, a wildlife rehabilitation hospital serving the people and wildlife of the greater San Jose area since 1993. WCSV has admitted over 5000 animal patients so far this year, from over 100 different native species! Representatives from WCSV will be on site throughout the convention, both at their table and at our main events. You can help us help them!

Our charity auction is accepting items as donations, with all proceeds benefitting WCSV. You can also make a donation when you register, or at many opportunities throughout the convention weekend! To find out more, or to contribute, please visit

Pre-Register by December 31st

Pre-registration will close at the end of the year, so you’ll want to do so soon! Here’s a sneak peek of the goodies we have for each of the registration levels:

Attendee Sponsor Super Sponsor

Convention Book

Pocket Program

Attendee Badge

All Attendee Items

Gift with exclusive art

Limited-run Enamel Pin

Your name in the conbook

All Sponsor Items

Extra gift with exclusive art

Free Fancy Friday admission+drink

As an extra special treat, we’d like to share a peek at the Super-Sponsor gift art, done by MilkTeaTown!

The high resolution version of this fantastic art will be on the super-sponsor gift. Be sure to register at that level if you want one!

Show us your talents, show us your moves!

Two of Further Confusion’s biggest events are looking for talented folks: FurCon Dance Competition and FC:Unleashed!

The Dance competition will take place on Saturday night, featuring the best of the best in the furry dance scene. Compete for the adoration of your fans, and some fabulous prizes! Sign up ahead of time to audition by visiting

FC:Unleashed is FurCon’s variety talent show, featuring you! If you have a talent, we have a stage to perform it on. From slam poetry, to yo-yo, singing, and more, we want to see what you can do. Compete for prizes, or show off for fun. You can sign up today by visiting

Art Show: Almost full!

The art show is already 86% full, and shaping up to be a wonderful exhibition. If you want to show your art, for auction or display, you’ll want to register for your space soon. For full rules, and to request a spot, visit

Our Hotel block is CLOSED

Thank you to everyone who booked a room in our block! We are now closed for further reservations, and have begun the process of transferring your information into each hotel’s system. Please be aware that the hotel may not have your name on file yet, so don’t panic if they don’t know when you call! If you got a confirmation email when you booked, your room is confirmed. Our hotel team has a complete record of all reservations, and can look yours up if needed. Now that the block is closed, we will be working closely with the hotels to fulfill any accommodation requests you had. Do you need to request an ADA accessible room, a mini fridge for medication, or any other need? Send an email to so that our hotel team may assist you.