Dealers Den 2021

Dealer signups are now closed.

The 2021 Further Confusion Dealers experience will be entirely online this year within Further Confusion’s website and virtual platforms. Artists will be able to request advertisements in the form of a free ‘Small Space’ or by purchasing nominally-priced ‘Large Space’. These will appear on Further Confusion’s dealer web page and will contain links and other information to allow all website visitors (attendees and non-attendees alike) to visit the artist’s website, Twitch, commission forms, or other destinations of the dealer’s choice.


Space offering for Further Confusion this year is an advertisement that will appear on our Dealer’s page. A ‘Small Space’’ means a 300 x 300 pixel advertisement; a ‘Large Space’ is a 950 x 300 pixel advertisement.

Dealers will need to provide their advertisement, which cannot contain explicit adult material. Each advertisement will have an overlay added to indicate the rating of the dealer’s work and the currency accepted.

Code of Conduct

Dealers must be over 18 years of age at the time of the convention. 

Advertisements will be marked with “SFW” (Safe for Work) or “NSFW” (Not Safe for Work) in the bottom left using FC’s overlay and according to the dealer’s specification. Advertisements themselves must be SFW. SFW shall mean all links go to only SFW art, while NSFW indicates either a mix or all NSFW. 

Dealers will be responsible for their own transactions and business considerations. Further Confusion will not be monitoring any non-Further Confusion ( or websites, and is not responsible for the contents of any outside links, including any streaming content. Links to NSFW galleries or websites must have their own means of filtering by age (i.e., “18+ only”).

Further Confusion reserves the right to exclude any dealer or remove any images or links at its sole discretion at any time. 

This is not a juried process but the convention may limit the numbers of dealers if necessary if the demand becomes overwhelming.

Pricing and Perks

Small space (Free!)

  • 300 x 300 pixel advertisement on the Dealer page
  • One banner link

Large Space $5

Perks of Large Spaces:

  • 950 x 300 pixel advertisement on the Dealer page
  • One Banner link
  • up to three links of your own choice
  • potential to be included as interstitial static ads in FC’s stream (technology permitting)

Dealer Space Requests

The form will open November 23rd and close at midnight on December 22nd.

The form will ask for:

  • Business Name
  • Small Space (free) or Large Space ($5)
  • A png image of the correct size
  • Space to include requested links

Upon confirmation, dealers will receive a link to pay for their table space (if Large Space has been requested).