Dances and DJs

Further Confusion aims to provide top-quality dances every night of the con. Our DJs bring life to our dance floors!

DJ Auditions for FC2019 are now open! Click here to apply!

Auditions will close 10/21

About Auditions:

We receive a high volume of applicants each year, so here are a few tips to help your application shine:

1. “Danceability” – DJs play at our dances, which means that music which is fun to dance to is very important. Keeping danceability in mind is a great idea.

2. Availability – Everyone wants to play Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night, but we only have so many hours to dance. If you’re open to playing Thursday or Monday, even if it isn’t your first choice, mark it on your application. We’re always looking for DJs to fill those nights, and being open to it could help you land a slot.

3. Originality – We want to hear you! Let your audition set show us who you are, and what makes your music yours. Showcasing the unique talents of our fantastic community is what we’re all about.

Thank you for your interest in bringing music to our stage. We can’t wait to hear your auditions, and hope to see you in January!

Any questions or concerns may be directed to any of the following emails:
FC Programming Staff –
FC Dance Staff –