Critterlympics, Further Confusion’s signature fursuit games event, returns for another year with all new games!

Our games are limited to 40 players. Arrive early and in suit if you wish to participate as a player in the games! You will be split into 4 teams of 10. Since these are fursuit games, only those with full or partial suits will be chosen to participate. At a minimum, this means you should have a head, hand and foot paws, and a tail (unless a tailless species or character). Full fursuits are strongly prefered, and may be selected over partials at the discretion of the event runners.

The teams will compete in 4 games, testing their skills and stamina. Don’t worry though; there will be a break midway through the event. Due to feedback from prior years, we’ve taken care to make sure the games will not be too strenuous to do in suit. Main stage is also located adjacent to a fursuit lounge, so you won’t need to travel far to cool off!

The winning team will take home the gold, but no one will leave empty handed. Just for participating, you’ll go home with a prize. Which team will feel the thrill of victory? Who will face the agony of defeat? Join us to find out!