Code of Conduct

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General Information

Further Confusion is an event organized and hosted by Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc. (“AAE”), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

The goal of Further Confusion is to enable our attendees to have the best time possible. While our attendee demographic generally consists of young adults and older, FurCon is an all-ages event. If you are not eighteen years of age or older (or fail to provide a photo ID with your birthdate at registration), your badge will be marked as a minor, and you will only be allowed admittance to general-audience programming. Please be prepared to show your badge at any time you need access to convention space or events—it identifies you as a fully-paid attendee of the convention. Further Confusion strives to maintain professionalism at all times.

We hope that each attendee enjoys the fun that our wide-ranging community can provide. Please consider how your actions reflect on the convention and how they may impact or affect others. We take pride in our appearance and we want you to as well, while still having fun. To this effect, if the convention becomes aware of any of our attendees engaging in illegal activities, either in convention space or in private hotel rooms, we will be forced to inform the proper authorities. Keep in mind that there are always other guests of the hotels and convention center, especially on the first floor and lobby areas. Offending the hotels’ other guests is inappropriate; impressing them with how much fun and enthusiasm we have for our fandom is appropriate. What you consider to be acceptable behavior may not be so for others. Consideration of others is the hallmark of a mature individual and a healthy fandom, and we encourage that courtesy from all participants in our community.

Matters of safety for convention attendees and volunteers are generally handled by FLARE. FLARE can be contacted through Convention Operations, at the FLARE base, or by asking any convention volunteer. FLARE may ask you to stop an activity or to move it to a private room. Repeat offenders may be required to return their badges and to leave the convention premises in accordance with the Termination and Revocation section of this document. For your safety, we ask that all attendees promptly comply with requests made by FLARE. If you feel that FLARE has made an unfair request, or has not been fair, you may bring this up at a later time with the convention chair or vice-chair.

Costumes, Clothing, Behavior, and Safety

Costumes of all designs and materials are welcome, provided that they are displayed in a manner appropriate for all ages. Collars, leashes and sled-dog like harnesses may be worn either with costumes or discreetly with your normal street clothing; overt and blatant displays of bondage/BDSM may result in FLARE asking you to leave public convention space or return your badge. As a rule, a minimum of a non-thong bathing suit must be worn at all times in public areas. “Anatomically correct” costumes must be likewise appropriately clothed in public areas. For our purposes, “Anatomically correct” refers to visible genitalia or realistic nipples as a part of the costume.

We share our convention space with other guests, and you may be their first impression of the furry fandom. We ask that you keep attire reasonably inoffensive. Attendees wearing bodypaint, spikes, or other hazards should be careful not to damage venue furniture. Please do not use the lobbies of our hotels nor the convention center concourse/parking to decorate other attendees with makeup, liquid latex, or special effects appliances—please retire to a private hotel room instead.

Use common sense in public areas. If you have to ask or think twice about doing it in public, take it to your room. For example, kissing and holding hands, regardless of sexual orientation, are fine. Groping, tongue battles, and nudity, regardless of sexual orientation, are not.

Attire and imagery commonly used in conjunction with hate speech, and hate speech itself, are not welcome at Further Confusion.

Due to the potential damage to property, water guns, silly string and the like are prohibited in public areas of the hotels or convention space. If it looks like a real gun in any way, shape, or form, it should not be brought to the convention. The State of California has recently instituted new state laws regarding replica weapons. There should be no “live” steel or whips being wielded in any area of the convention. If a bladed weapon or whip is part of your costume, please have it peace-bonded. This can be done at the FLARE Base at any time.

Remember, the convention center and hotels are our hosts, and as such please follow what is acceptable or not based on the law and the venues’ policies.

In case of any dispute, FC Executive Staff has final say over what constitutes appropriate attire and behavior in convention space and events. If you have any questions or need help understanding these guidelines, please email

Harassment and Assault

“No” means no. “Stop” means stop. “Go away” means go away.

If someone won’t understand these simple rules, please contact FLARE. Harassment is any behavior that intentionally annoys or alarms another person. Unintentional or misinterpreted behaviors may also cause feelings of harassment. This includes unwanted physical or verbal contact, following someone in a public area without a legitimate reason, or threatening physical violence. Offenders may lose their badges and the matter may be referred to the proper law enforcement authorities. If you are being harassed, we strongly encourage you to immediately contact FLARE through a nearby convention volunteer or by calling or texting their number on the back of your registration badge.

Additionally, the act of wearing a costume or fursuit does not grant license for anybody to make inappropriate or suggestive comments, gestures, or unwanted physical contact with costumed attendees. Further Confusion is proud to play host to a wide variety of costuming, including but not limited to: mascot-style fursuits, video game and pop culture cosplay, fantasy/sci-fi genre cosplay, etc., and we wish to provide a positive and safe environment for costumers to enjoy.

Buying and Selling

Further Confusion has two main areas where merchandise and services are sold: the Dealer’s Room and the Furry Marketplace. Anyone who receives payment for goods or services (such as body painting, massage, etc.) in convention space must comply with all convention rules regarding this. The Dealer’s Room Rules apply in this situation, regardless of the location, and vendors must ensure they have proper California Sales Tax IDs. If anyone wishes to request payment for goods or services and to donate the proceeds to the convention charity, Further Confusion must be informed of this ahead of time to allow for the convention to organize the correct tax reporting. Further Confusion takes its legal obligations very seriously in this area. Any solicitation for payment at the convention that does not comply with these obligations may result immediate revocation of the offender’s badge in accordance with the Termination and Revocation section of this document and being required to return all payments.

Parties, Alcohol, & Zero Drug Tolerance

Further Confusion does not tolerate serving of alcohol to minors. If you are hosting a party where alcohol is being served, it is your responsibility as host to ensure that the age of anyone drinking alcohol is checked. You should also designate someone not to drink, so that there is a fully competent person present to deal with any emergencies that might arise. Although the state of California has legalized the recreational use of cannabis (marijuana), local ordinances are still in a period of change. Attendees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with current local regulations, and to use their best judgement. The rules of our venues still apply; smoking and vaping is prohibited in all guest rooms, no matter the substance. Further Confusion does not tolerate the use of illegal substances. The violation of the above rules could subject you to the immediate revocation of your badge in accordance with the Termination and Revocation section of this document and referral of the matter to other authorities.

Pets and Service Animals

There are no pets allowed in the convention space at Further Confusion. While the Marriott and Hilton do allow pets in sleeping rooms with an additional fee, they do NOT allow animals to be left unattended in rooms, and no animals are permitted in the event spaces of any of our venues. FurCon is an extremely busy, crowded, stressful event, and not an optimal situation for an animal to be in. This policy does not affect service animals as defined by Title II and Title III of the ADA. Regrettably, Emotional Support Animals do not fall under this definition.

Photography and Video

Further Confusion wants you to have great memories from a fantastic convention. Photographs and videotape footage by attendees are generally allowed in all common areas of the convention with the exception of the Art Show. Specific rules regarding these matters may exist for selected events. Please consult the program guide at the convention for information relating to specific events.

When photographing or videotaping individuals or costumes, please use common courtesy and ask before photographing them. Please respect their rights if they do not wish to be photographed or videotaped. If someone asks or otherwise indicates (remember, many folks in costume do not speak) that they do not wish to be photographed, do not photograph them!

Photography or videography for the purpose of sale or publication to the press is expressly forbidden unless written permission has been obtained from AAE, Inc. in accordance with its press policy. Individuals may take pictures and videotapes for private viewing or sharing with friends. We ask our attendees to be courteous to those they wish to take pictures of, especially if you wish to place those pictures or video clips onto any internet archive. In this case, please ask your subjects for their explicit permission to do this.

Attendees should be aware that footage gathered by volunteers in public areas of the convention, including events and panels, may be used in a highlights reel and that attendees may appear in the video without compensation. Consult the pocket program for specific video, audio, and photography restrictions for specific events. Further Confusion will require a release only for footage that is obtained in areas that are not fully public (i.e., private functions and personal interviews). These rules apply to all attendees (dealers, guests, or any level of regular membership). All members of the press and volunteers will conform to Further Confusion’s press policy and we encourage attendees to become familiar with those rules as well.

Membership and Attendance

Though we work to ensure that all interested individuals may join us, FurCon reserves the right to deny or revoke memberships for any reason including but not limited to safety concerns and Code of Conduct violations.

AAE and FurCon do not permit membership or attendance by any individual who is a convicted sex offender, or appears on any federal or state sex offender registry. In addition, AAE and FurCon reserve the right, at the board’s discretion, to deny membership or attendance to anyone with a documented history of sexual violence, including inappropriate conduct towards minors.

By applying for membership in AAE, or otherwise registering for or attending Further Confusion, you attest that you meet all eligibility criteria outlined in this document. Memberships or attendance revoked or terminated as a result of Code of Conduct violations, illegal activities, ineligibility, or breach of contract with AAE / FurCon are not eligible for refund, except at the board’s discretion. AAE / FurCon may, but have no obligation to, investigate the background of any member or attendee, or follow-up on any credible reports of behavior that may impact their eligibility to attend.

Termination and Revocation

In the rare case that a membership needs to be revoked prior to the event dates, we will attempt to provide notification via the individual’s registered email address. If a membership is revoked during the event, the individual will be notified in-person and be required to return their attendance badge.

Only the convention chair or board of directors are authorized to revoke or terminate memberships and attendance prior to the event date. During the event, the convention chair, executive on duty, and FLARE are authorized to revoke or terminate memberships. Additional individuals may be granted authority to revoke or terminate memberships and attendance at the discretion of the chair or board of directors.

Revocation during the event may be reviewed by visiting Convention Operations and requesting to speak to the executive on duty. Outside of the event, revocation may be reviewed by contacting the board of directors at

If You Need Assistance

During operating hours, Further Confusion’s Convention Operations center will help get you connected to the assistance that you need. The back of your registration badge has phone numbers for Con Ops and FLARE, which you may call at any time during the convention if you need assistance. Remember, we cannot address a problem unless we know about it. For less urgent matters, messages may be left with Convention Operations to be forwarded to volunteers. As with all messages left with Con Ops, please remember to give details of how, when, and where the recipient can contact you.

Further Confusion has a large volunteer staff to handle most aspects of the running of the convention. This allows the Chair and Vice Chair to remain available to talk about any comments or concerns that our attendees bring to them. If you see them around the corridors, feel free to speak to them—even if they appear harried—ensuring our attendees have a good time is one of their primary roles! If you need to contact the convention Chair or Vice-Chair at any other time, you can do this by leaving a message for them at Convention Operations.

Have a Fun and Safe Con!

If you have questions or comments regarding Further Confusion policies, please send an email to

Further Confusion’s code of conduct is subject to change at any time. We will make a best effort to notify attendees when changes are made. The most current version of the Code of Conduct may always be viewed at