Further Confusion is proud to support Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley!

Further Confusion is happy to announce that our 2019 charity partner will be the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley! WCSV has been serving the community and animal life of the Silicon Valley for 25 years, operating primarily as a wildlife rehabilitation hospital. They care for over 5000 animals from over 100 different species each year, with the ultimate goal of releasing their patients back where they belong. You can learn more about WCSV, their mission, and their success stories, by visiting We’re thrilled to be supporting such a worthwhile cause!

Have an item you’d like to donate to our charity fundraising? Submit it through the form below, and join us at the Charity Auction! (Unable to view form? Click this link).

Below is a list of household items and supplies provided by WCSV. Unable to view the image? You can view the list in a different format here: CLICK HERE

Bring items from this list with you to the picnic, and we will collect them and take them to WCSV! For more details on the picnic, please see Let’s help them save our local wildlife, together!

As the convention draws closer, we’ll have more details of our fundraising efforts on this page. Stay tuned for ways you can help!

Each year, FurCon selects a different local cause to rally behind. With the support and enthusiasm of our attendees, we spend the weekend fundraising for our cause. Over the years, we’ve really made a difference! From animal rescues to mental health organizations, our attendees and volunteers have gone all out to help those who need it. Do you have an idea for a future charity? Drop us a line at!

Qualifying organizations typically must have 501(c)(3) status. We like to make an impact in our local community, so only Northern CA causes will be considered. If you aren’t sure whether your nominee qualifies, send us their information anyway. We’ll look into it and put their name in the pool. The final charity pick is made at the discretion of each year’s convention chair, with input welcome. Let us know your ideas!