Hey you. You wanna fly a starship?

Have you ever watched an episode of Star Trek and wished that you could have worked on the bridge of the Enterprise? Wanted to pilot the starship like Sulu, to fire the weapons like Worf, to provide sensor information like Data, or even to command the whole ship like Janeway?

The Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator gives you an opportunity to do just that! Groups of players take control of stations on a virtual starship bridge, working together to defend the starbases of the sector from invading aliens! Each station has information no other station has, and can command the ship in ways no other station can, so communication between the players and between the captain is crucial. Notably, the captain has no controls at all, relying on the rest of crew to correctly operate the ship and to display what information is needed on the main screen.

The controls of each station are easy to learn, while still providing much opportunity for mastery. The positions available are Helm, Weapons, Science, Communications, and Engineering, as well as the Captain, and there are some ship classes that also allow players to fly independently controllable fighter craft as well!

Open all day, 12PM-10PM, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with new flights every hour! Training missions are available at 12PM and 5PM daily.

Flight School

Friday-Sunday at 12:00 and 17:00

Interested in the phenomenon of the ‘Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator,’ but have never played before? This panel will cover all of the workstation controls of the starship, fleet protocols, standing orders, and helpful hints that will give you the skills to succeed on the bridge of the Artemis! The class material will take 20-30 minutes to cover, and a short training flight will be provided afterwards.

If you miss these sessions, or if you prefer on-the-job-training to a classroom learning style, just ask one of the uniformed flag officers on duty in the Artemis room who will be more than happy to provide specialized instruction.

Artemis Room Policies

  •  Attendees will be suggested to self-organize into teams of 6 people, but this is not a requirement.   Partial teams are welcome as well, their crew complements filled out by other people signing up at the same time, players off the waiting list, or, as time constraints permit, members of the command staff.
  •  All players and observers must have valid  badges.
  •  Players will be able to sign up for 45 minute blocks, this being about the time for a single successful level 4 or 5 game, or several unsuccessful games.
  •  Games will end precisely on the 45 minute mark, regardless of the status of the game they are playing.
  •  All starship bridges will have the same schedule;  The bridge crews involved may decide by consensus whether they wish cooperative, competitive, or dual-solo play, with the default being dual-solo play.
  •  Players will be able to sign up for as many blocks as they wish, as long as they understand that they can be bumped to a waiting list to allow more new players to play.
  •  All signed up players must be present at the scheduled start time, or their positions will be filled from currently present players on the waiting list.
  •  Substitutions during play sessions may only occur with the consent of all players and the substitutes.
  • Team members are free, at the start of the session and at any time during the session, to assign or reassign roles however they wish.
  •  Badged Observers are welcome, as long as they do not interrupt play.
  •  Food and drink are not permitted in the room.
  •  Abuse or harassment of equipment, decorations, furnishings, staff, observers, or players will not be tolerated, and may result in being removed from the room, or even the con, depending on severity.   Any such behavior will be automatically reported to convention operations/security staff.
  •  In the case of technical problems, our staff’s best efforts will be provided to get you playing again as quickly as possible.  That being said, there is no guarantee that our staff will be able to provide you with any sort of recompense for lost time.   It’s only a game.