An announcement for FC2015

Hello FC community! Sasho and I have an important couple of messages for all of you.

First, a message from Sasho:

Dear Further Confusion Family,

To be Chairman of Further Confusion 2015 was one of my greatest goals. I wanted to help an organization that I viewed as family to give folks a place to have a great time with friends one weekend in January. In December, the Board of Anthropomorphic Arts and Education put a great task to me. While I greatly appreciate the chance and opportunity they gave me, due to my new job restrictions and larger responsibilities there, I do not feel I am able to give the convention the time and attention it deserves. That said, it is with a heavy heart I must resign as Chairman effective today, Friday July 11th, 2014.

Seven years ago I attended my first Further Confusion. I remember well the Doubletree, as well as the event and all the people there. It was a hard time in my life. On the final day, I attended my first ‘Job Fair’ for Further Confusion 2008. The HR person from that year, Genevive, talked me into helping out with HR. From that year on, I never missed a chance to help an event that made me feel loved and welcome. I worked for HR and Hotel for just about every year of my staffing. For three years before now, I worked as the Hotel Director.

As such, I happily pass the role of Chairman to Jeff ‘Dax’ Bowman. A great Vice-Chairman and someone whom I know will be able to guide the convention to the vision he and I both created when we started this ride. To assist him, I can think of no one better than Sean ‘SmackJackal’ Wally to be his Vice Chairman. As you may know, Sean has been our Business Director and in the past, was also Chairman of Further Confusion. Please join me in wishing this team the best on a great year.

Once again, thank you all for the hard work and dedication to this great event.

Kindest regards,

Timothy ‘Sasho Windfeather’ Retzlaff
Former Chairman – Further Confusion 2015

To the Further Confusion Staff and Community:

Thank you for your continued support of our convention and the volunteers that power it. I am honored to assume the role of Chairman today, and endeavor to lead our convention well on behalf of all of our attendees and volunteers.

Sasho has a strong professional and convention history in our hotel department, and we very much appreciate the great start he provided to this year as Chairman. I am also grateful for his offer to continue providing excellent care and attention to our guests’ hotel bookings and to our convention’s relationships with our host hotels. Sasho, thank you for your hard work thus far, and for seeing fit to pass the torch to me. I look forward to working with you in your new focus in the upcoming months.

Our Business Director (and FC2013 chairman), Sean “SmackJackal” Wally, will be assisting me as Vice-Chairman. Thank you Sean for agreeing to help me out.

If you have any questions about this change, or any other questions or matters relating to Further Confusion, please let me know at or at our open staff meeting tomorrow, July 12, at 1pm in the Hilton San Jose’s Santa Clara room. We look forward to continuing our preparations for a fantastic event in January 2015.

Best regards,

Jeff “Dax” Bowman
Further Confusion 2015: “London Fog: A Victorian Murder Mystery”