Further Confusion offers a range of advertisement opportunities to fandom-related businesses, artists, and websites.

Conbook Advertisements

Quarter-page, half-page, and full-page ads can be purchased for placement in the convention booklet(Now full for 2017).

Fan Tables
Are you part of a convention or other fan event that would like to have a bit of promotional space at Further Confusion? We make a limited number of fan tables available for just that purpose! These tables will be located adjacent to our new Dealers Rooms in a high-traffic area. Applications for Fan Tables must be received before January 1st, 2016. Apply here!

Flyers and Posters

Further Confusion permits distribution of printed flyers, posters, and postcards advertising conventions, businesses, artists/crafters, and parties within the convention space. Please ensure that flyers are neatly placed on tables, and any taped on walls or designated posting areas use BLUE painters tape ONLY (the convention will try to ensure there is blue tape available for use). Flyers are NOT permitted on the walls of the Convention Center. Flyers that advertise a specific date and time, such as a party or meetup, will be removed after that time passes. Flyers MUST contain content of a PG13 nature or lesser. Posters or flyers advertising adult material, parties, or artwork will be removed. ALL flyers and posters will be removed during tear-down on Monday of the convention and recycled (if you want to keep one, grab it!).

Further Confusion no longer distributes convention bags, due to a city ordinance banning plastic bags. Tables are usually available at Registration to place flyers and giveaways for attendees to take. Contact to arrange for bulk flyers to be set out at these tables.