Further Confusion continues to thrive due to the dedication and enthusiasm of hundreds of volunteers. Without them, there is no convention! Interested in helping out behind the scenes? We have several avenues for volunteering: specific staff roles for folks looking to focus on a single department, or GoFurs, which act as jack-of-all-trades during the convention itself.

Further Confusion has a monthly open staff meeting where anyone can come to learn about volunteering with Further Confusion, discuss convention business, and meet other volunteers. Meetings begin at 1 PM Pacific.

Saturday, January 7, 2017 Gardner Community Center [map] [livestream]

Volunteer applications are closed. Please visit con ops in the Convention Center for information about volunteering at the convention.

These are some of the roles we are looking to fill with helpful volunteers like you:

Business: Art Show Staff: In this role, you will assist with art show setup and tear down. Assist artists with hanging artwork. Help attendees bid on art. Assist with art sales at the end of the show. This is a good role for a first-time volunteer!

Business: Con Store Staff: Further Confusion operates our own table with merchandise inside the dealer room. You will meet lots of attendees at your scheduled shifts during the convention. Help with merchandise sales and distribution of sponsor gifts.

Business: Dealer Room Staff: Help keep our dealer room running as smoothly as possible. Assist dealers with various questions and problems as needed. Help our attendees in the dealer room. Help the con store as needed.

Business: Registration Staff: Be one of the first volunteers our attendees interact with. If you always have a smile and a friendly, efficient personality, this might be the role for you. You will help register attendees and distribute pre-registrations. If you’ve never volunteered with the convention before and aren’t sure where to start, registration may be a great role for you.

Facilities: A/V Runner: Further Confusion works with a number of equipment vendors around the bay area. You will help us pick up and drop off gear during the convention. A truck is not required for this role.

Facilities: A/V Staff: Are you curious about the latest equipment in lighting, sound, and video? Ever wanted to operate a camera, go backstage, or see how large scale live productions work? Our A/V team needs you to help with lighting, sound, and camera setup, teardown, and operation. We love having experienced applicants but no prior experience is required.

Gofur: Want to help out, but not sure what you want to do? Maybe it’s your first time volunteering, or you’re looking for a smaller commitment which allows you to pick your own hours at con? Want to see many different aspects of how the convention is run? As a gofur, you will help around the con where needed. Many departments use gofur volunteers to supplement their full-time volunteers. Monitor entrances to areas to ensure guests are properly badged. Help manage lines and crowds around the convention. Gofurs have their own incentive structure and can earn special rewards for service at the convention.

Operations: ConOps Staff: You will interact with our attendees and staff in their hour of need, with many opportunities to use your empathy and compassion to turn terrible situations around for the better. Help record lost items and distribute them back to attendees. Track radios checked out and returned by our staff. Answer phone and radio calls and work with various departments to solve problems. Answer attendee questions about the convention and provide directions. Sell night badges after registration closes. Training sessions with the ConOps lead are required.

Operations: Gofur Den Staff: The gofur den is a staging area for our gofur volunteers, who wait here for requests from other departments. You will help get gofur volunteers to the requested departments. Track volunteer hours. Distribute staff badges and assist with on-site hiring. Recruit attendees to volunteer as gofurs.

Operations: Hospitality Staff: Our hospitality department is responsible for feeding all of our volunteers. You will be part of a tight-knit team that prepares and serves food. Responsible for keeping the hospitality area and equipment clean. Help ensure that staff are receiving their needed rest and nutrition.

Operations: Logistics Driver: Are you comfortable driving large box trucks? As a logistics driver, you will operate a rental truck, picking up various items needed for the convention and dropping them off at the convention site. Must be available the day before and the day after the convention. A valid driver’s license is required. A class B CDL is a plus, but not required.

Operations: Logistics Navigator: Assist the logistics driver. Help navigate the truck through various pickup locations. Assist with loading and unloading the truck. Provide backup/parking guidance as needed. Must be available the day before and the day after the convention.

Operations: Logistics Staff: The convention has a lot of stuff, and it all gets delivered at the beginning, and returned at the end of the convention. This is a great role for volunteers who want to have lots of time free to enjoy the convention. Must be able to safely lift and move boxes. Assist with midyear locker inventory. Must be available the day before and the day after the convention. Volunteers with transportation available are preferred, but not required.

Programming: Track Leads: Further Confusion offers an extremely varied lineup of programming. As track lead, you will need to solicit programming submissions and suggestions for the track. You will work with accepted panelists to make sure the panel is the best experience it can be for both the attendees and the panelist as possible. This means also coordinating with Programming Directors to schedule your track’s offerings.

Programming: Critterlympics Staff: Critterlympics are physical fun games organized for fursuiters to compete against and sometimes work with their fellow suiters. As a Critterlympics staff member, you will be officiating the games, ensuring that safety and fun are the highest priorities. You may find a sudden urge to create a new suit from all the fur shed during the games.

Programming: Dance Staff: Further Confusion organizes a competitive dance competition for fursuiters to show off their dance skills in front of our attendees. The dancers enter via a preliminary judging. Those that pass that round compete for prizes. As dance staff, you will assist this popular program and its entrants by helping people be at the right place at the right time as well as ensure they are hydrated!

Programming: FC:U Backstage Lead: Wrangle acts backstage, manage stagehands, be at rehearsal and FC:U itself.

Programming: FC:U Stagehand: Each year, Further Confusion holds a variety show created by both live and recorded entries from attendees. As a stagehand, you will help change stage setup between acts. Must be at the rehearsal, FC:U itself, and other FC stage shows. You will get to assist in one of the most popular events at the convention and meet a lot of talented furries.

Programming: Fursuit Lounge Staff: A large draw of any convention is being able to dress up in fursuits and interact with others in the con space. As a fursuit lounge staff member, you will help ensure the lounges, where these suiters need to take a break and hydrate or dry off, are stocked well with water, wipes, towels, etc. You will do this by contacting con ops when you see us running low. This is another great role for a first-time volunteer.

Programming: Masquerade Staff: At Further Confusion, we host an event for fursuit makers and purchasers to show off their newest creations. As a masquerade staff member, you will help fursuiters be at the right place at the right time as well as assist judges and the MC.

Programming: Tabletop Gaming Staff: Gaming can be a very easy activity to socialize with people you know or don’t know. Further Confusion provides a variety of tabletop games in its gaming area. As staff, you will checkout the games to people, ensuring their information is recorded and keep the returned games organized.

Programming: Video Gaming Staff: Are you way into video games? Do you find yourself spending tons of time in the video game room at cons? Further Confusion provides a variety of video games and consoles in its gaming area. As staff, you will monitor the video game room, swapping games as needed. Assist in running competitions. Help attendees as needed.

We ask our volunteers to work a minimum of 12 hours for the convention. Volunteers are eligible for discounted registration, meals during the convention and a gift as a token of our appreciation for your contributions.

Note: Regrettably, Further Confusion is unable to offer crash space to volunteers. Volunteers who were planning to rely on this space should make other housing arrangements for the con. We apologize for the inconvenience.