Further Confusion 2019

AAE, Inc is pleased to announce our new Chairman for FC2019 will be Kenneth “Fennecus Kitsune” Coane. The theme for Further Confusion 2019 will be “Further Confusion Goes to the Fair”. Fennecus and their executive team will be working hard through the year to bring us all the greatest FC ever! If you would like … Read more

FC2018 Wrap Up

Hello FurCon Community, Thank you again for being a part of Further Confusion! It has been our great joy to put on this event for you, and we sincerely hope you enjoyed your time with us here in San Jose. On a personal level, I am honored to have been the chairman of this event. … Read more

HIV Testing

Update (1/10): Due to vehicle availability, HIV testing is now only available on Saturday, but with longer hours! From 10PM-5PM SCCPH will be here with us offering free, anonymous and bloodless HIV testing just outside of the con space. Original post follows: Further Confusion is proud to announce that we will be offering hurt-free, blood-free … Read more

Collaboration with #Artsplosion

Hello everyone! Further Confusion is excited to announce that we will be collaborating with #Artsplosion on May 13th. #Artsplosion is a bi-monthly local arts and crafts exhibition intended to serve the Bay Area Queer arts community. It is held at the Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center, right here in San Jose. The center welcomes members of … Read more

FC2017 Wrap-Up

Hello travelers! I hope you had a wonderful excursion to Further Confusion 2017, and I would like to offer a big THANK YOU to our attendees, presenters, DJs, vendors, and most of all our volunteer staff for making this an unforgettable convention year. We are especially proud to share that our convention has filled up … Read more

Dealer Security Incident

Hello Further Confusion Attendees. A minor security incident occurred at Further Confusion on Saturday night around 9:45pm. An unknown person gained access to our locked Dealer’s Room West (San Jose Convention Center LL21BCD, adjacent to Con Ops) through a mechanical failure in a convention center airwall. Based on Further Confusion’s security camera records, we have … Read more

Managing your Pre-Registration

Greetings travelers! As we speed closer to our convention destination, we want to ensure everyone has a ticket to ride! Here’s how to check if you’ve pre-registered for FurCon 2017, and how to edit your details or upgrade your membership: Check your inbox(es): Registration confirmation emails are sent from “noreply@regfox.com“. Otherwise, head over to our Registration … Read more