FurCon Masquerade is Back!

Location: Friday @ 8pm on Main Stage

The format this year is a fashion stage show. Participants will walk on stage, let the audience and judges see their costume, and then walk off the other side. After all costumes have had their chance, the top costume in each category will be given an award for construction in one of four categories ranging from novice to Professional level.



General Requirements:

  • All participants must wear a costume. It may be worn, painted or applied.
  • Costumes must follow the same PG-13 rating as the rest of the con
  • Participants are required to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to curtain call. Stage hands can help with simple tasks, but if your costume requires complex setup/application, consider bringing additional help.
  • Prior registration to the event is mandatory. One cannot go on stage without having registered first.
  • Registration closes 5 hours prior to the start of the show. You may use the online form to sign up ahead of time.


  • FC will print all of the costume’s collected information on a large card which will then be handed to each contestant before the event starts. Contestants will hand the card to the MC just as they step on-stage.
  • Backstage hands will assist contestants on and offstage should you need them.
  • Time on stage should be 15 to 20 seconds, walk about a third of the way across the stage, stop for a moment, another third, stop for a moment, and then exit from the far side of the stage. This will give the audience time to take pictures.
  • The stage will be set up simply, lit for good visibility. You may not put anything down on the stage, and nothing will be placed there for you. Music will be selected by our AV crew. No custom music will be used.


  • Costumes are judged based on originality, execution and construction. If the maker is not the person wearing the costume, the award will be presented to the costume maker and a certificate awarded to the person wearing the suit. Based on the experience and number of accolades won, a contestant will be placed in one four categories:
    • Novice – Have won 2 or fewer awards for any costume
    • Intermediate – Have won 3 to 5 awards for any costume
    • Master – Have won more than 5 awards for any costume
    • Professional – The costume was made on a for-profit basis

If you have any questions about the correct category for your costume, please contact [email protected] in advance of the event.

  • Event attendees are encouraged to cheer for their favorites but voting will be performed by a judging panel exclusively.
  • Masquerade staff reserve the right to change which category a participant has applied for. If there are not enough entrants in a given category, masquerade staff will eliminate the category and assign all costumes to the best fit remaining.


If you win an award, you will be given a certificate at the event (which will be forwarded on to the maker as that may apply). A further award will be mailed to you after the con.

We look forward to seeing you all there.