Dealer Information

Preliminary Dealer’s Room layouts can be found here!

Quick FAQ: All tables in the Dealers Rooms will measure 6 ft. x 30 in!
Artist Alley seats are half-tables (3’x30″).

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We are pleased to announce that Further Confusion 2017 Dealer’s Room applications will open Wednesday, June 22, 2016! The application window will close at the end of Sunday, June 26, 2016. Following the close of the application window, all dealer applications will be given equal consideration by the Selection Committee without regard to submission order.

When the Dealer’s Room application window opens, we will post a link to the online application on the Further Confusion 2017 website, as well as through our usual social media outlets and a direct-to-inbox newsletter: Subscribe here.

There are several important aspects of our Dealer’s Room policies that you should review and be familiar with prior to applying for space in the Dealer’s Room. We encourage all of our potential dealers to completely review our rules and policies regarding selling goods and services at Further Confusion before we open the application window. These rules are a draft; we want to get this right, and encourage constructive commentary on these proposed rules until Sunday, June 19 to be finalized before the application window opens. Though we do not anticipate being able to accept all applicants, we want to make the dealer’s process fair and positive to our dealers, and to provide our attendees with a fantastic experience in January.


We are excited to announce that the Dealer’s Room and Artist Alley are moving to a new space in the San Jose Convention Center! With this move we are able to grow an additional ~20%. Along with the new space will come some new challenges, and we ask that you bear with us as we work to make sure all necessary details are in place for a great dealer experience.

The Dealers Room will actually be two rooms – a large “East” room with the majority of tables, as well as a smaller “West” room which will also contain the Artist Alley in a separate section. The rooms are directly across from one-another and are located on the same floor. They are also within a few feet of the new Art Show space, and we are looking into badging all three together to allow free flow between all three rooms.


Though a split Dealer’s Room is not ideal, it provides us our best opportunity to add additional seating and grow the number of Dealers able to attend and sell at the convention.


Further Confusion 2017’s Dealer’s Room selection is a juried process, not “first come, first served.”

  • Who decides and how? The Selection Committee is comprised of five individuals who range from members of the Board of Directors of Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc., to Further Confusion volunteers.
  • How long will the application window be open? The application window will be open for five days starting on Wednesday, June 22, 2016, running until the end of Sunday, June 26, 2016.
  • Why do you ask for a website or a link to examples of the art/products/services that dealers plan to offer? We can’t guarantee that every member of the Selection Committee is familiar with the work/wares of every dealer that may apply. Additionally, we understand that a dealer’s available inventory changes over time.
  • Why do you ask if dealers have ever sold at Further Confusion, furry conventions, or any other conventions in general? This information is not part of the Selection Committee’s review criteria and is only used to get a better sense of the variety of dealers and wares at the convention.
  • Will I know how many recommendations I received? No. The selection process is an anonymous vote by Selection Committee members.

Why – We recognize that our dealers make up a broad cross-section of the community, with different obligations, schedules, accessibility considerations, and computer/internet availability; we also realize that technical glitches and failures happen, for applicants and conventions alike. With this in mind, we are not factoring application time or order received, and instead will score all received applications based on their content alone.


Based on experience over the past couple of years, we are limiting the number of available waiting list slots for Further Confusion Dealer’s Room to 30.

  • Waiting list slots will be assigned based on Dealer Application recommendation votes. We will make our best effort to keep dealers informed of their position on the wait list.
  • Wait-listed Dealers may still apply for the Artist Alley without giving up their wait-list spot, but may only vend in one area at the convention.

Under certain conditions, and pending approval from the Dealer’s Room Lead, dealers may share their tables with another dealer who was not selected through the Dealer Room selection process.

  • Dealers wishing to share their table must be accepted and registered for a Full Table in the 2017 Dealer’s Room, as a table share effectively converts a full table to two half tables. 
  • Half Tables, Double Tables, and Booths may not be shared.
  • If a table is shared, each business entity must have a California seller’s permit on file (more details later).
  • All table share requests must be made by December 31, 2016. No exceptions will be made.


Further Confusion 2017 has decoupled table fees from convention memberships. This makes the process easier and more flexible for dealers as well as staff.

  • Dealer’s Room table fees do not include convention membership. You will be asked to register for your convention membership through our standard membership portal.
  • Table fees MUST be paid for within 30 days of email notification of acceptance, unless prior arrangements have been made. Convention registration does not have to be done by this point (but should be done before December 31st).
  • Dealer’s Room table rates for Further Confusion 2017 are as follows:
    • Artist Alley (1-Day sales, opening TBD) – $30
    • Dealer’s Room – Half Table – $60 ($100 powered)
    • Dealer’s Room – Full Table – $120 ($160 powered)
    • Dealer’s Room – Double Table – $240 ($320 powered)
    • Dealer’s Room – Booth (10’x10′) – $320 ($400 powered)
    • Note: Power drops may affect seating placement in the Dealer Room

Why – We want to provide our dealers and their assistants with the most flexible options available for their memberships, whether that is as Attending members, Sponsors, Super Sponsors, or even Volunteers. Decoupling memberships also makes a more clear delineation between Dealer table fees (which are refundable) and Memberships (which are non-refundable donations to Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc.).

About our power charges: For our new venue, we are no longer able to rent our own power equipment as we have for previous years. Unfortunately, this significantly increases the cost of supplying power. To keep the dealer’s base costs down, we have made powered tables optional, and will be seating “powered” dealers together to share power access and minimize the costs for our dealers. Though we have estimated that the power charges will cover the bulk of our costs, we may need to adjust these prices in the future, and will also work on ways to make it easier for our dealers who only need USB top-ups for digital references and payment transactions.

More power details: FC is charged per “drop” (power line), where each drop is rated to accommodate a certain amount of power measured in amps or watts. While a microwave oven may consume 1000 watts, a laptop charger may use only 60 watts, and a phone charger only 10 watts. We are expecting a charge of $225 per 1000 watt drop, which we would split among 4 dealers and which would cover an average laptop, inkjet printer, and phone charger per dealer (~250 watts). The half-table cost is disproportionately high because we anticipate similar power usage for all powered dealers regardless of half-size or full-size tables. (Booths and double tables pay more, in part because of the physical difficulties of sharing connections safely across bigger distances.) Though this will have an estimated cost to the convention of $225 for 4 dealers plus installation, we are subsidizing and standardizing the cost to make it easier to understand our prices; we will also work with selected dealers to get more detail about their power needs and upgrade the power drops as needed without charging more to our dealers.


As we have done in the past, accepted Dealers will have an early booking window in advance of the general hotel opening. We are finalizing our room blocks, and will have more details to share in the coming weeks.


 As a reminder, every business selling (in either the Dealer’s Room or the Artist’s Alley) will need to have a valid California Seller’s Permit. We will be verifying your seller’s permits at Dealer Check-In. To apply for a permit, please see our Dealer’s Room page for more information. Unfortunately we cannot do this for you, but they are easily applied-for online.

Note: You do not need to have your permit number to apply for the Dealer’s Room or Artist Alley, but MUST have it available at Dealer check-in, or we will not be able to allow you to sell. Section 2 of the Dealer’s Rules has more details regarding applying for a California Seller’s Permit.


New for 2017, we are now adding a highly-requested Artist Alley in addition to our standard Dealer’s Room. Artist Alley applications will open in August 2016, and will be available as single-day seats, drawn by lottery in the Fall. We feel that drawing in advance of the convention, instead of the morning of the sales day, will better allow selected Alley participants to prepare and acquire their seller’s permit. 12-14 seats will be available each day, and walk-up table placement will be first-come, first served each day as well. Alley vendors who fail to claim a seat within the first 30 minutes of business will forfeit their slot (unless prior arrangements have been made).

Please note that we cannot guarantee power availability in the Artist Alley.


Dealer Check-In & Setup: 4pm – 10pm (pending union scheduling)

Dealers Setup: 9am
Open: 11am – 6pm

Dealer Setup: 10am
Open: 11am – 6pm
Dealer Setup: 10am
Open: 11am – 6pm
Dealer Teardown: 6pm – 10pm

If you have not completed your registration by the close of our pre-registration window you will have to register on-site and you will not be able to pick up your badge at dealer check-in! Pre-registration will close on December 31st, 2016 at 11:59pm. If you have any questions about whether or not you’re all set, email [email protected] as soon as possible.


Every dealer’s seat (both Dealer’s Room and Artist Alley) comes with the ability to designate another member of the convention as an Assistant. Your assistants will be able to check-in and get their convention badges with you at Dealer Check-In, but only if (a) they have pre-registered for the convention, and (b) you have provided their information to the the Dealer Lead in advance. Otherwise they will need to register at the convention or pick their badges up from the standard Pre-Registration line.
To tell us about your assistants, please make sure of the following two things:

  1. Make sure they are registered with the convention at any membership level.
  2. Fill out the form once for each assistant you’re designating (form available later)

You may request additional assistant badges at the convention, but they’ll be granted only at the discretion of our Con Store/Dealer’s Room managers, and only as long as we have extras to distribute.


These are the times, dates, and location that we are targeting for Dealer’s Check-In and setup. Barring unforeseen schedule impacting events these are the times that we will be able to let Dealers check in and begin setup. If there are unforeseen schedule impacting events we will make announcements via our Twitter feed and update board located at the entrance to the dealer area.
4pm on January 11, 2017, 9am on January 12, 2017

  1. A government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or a passport with the legal name under which you registered.
  2. A copy of your California Seller’s Permit that must be kept at your table during all business hours.

Regarding load-in and venue rules: We anticipate that vendors with rolling luggage, rolling carts, or boxes that can be carried by hand will have no issue loading into the Dealer Room themselves (multiple trips are okay). Those with extra-large rolling carts or proper “booth” equipment (especially anything that would require tools to build) may need to coordinate with Team San Jose staff to safely load-in and/or assemble their area. We will update these guidelines as we get clarification on our venue requirements. Please let us know any questions or details we should inquire about; this is our first time in the space too!


We are currently soliciting suggestions to the above rules until Sunday, June 19, at which point we will take into consideration all feedback and update the Dealer’s Room policies as necessary. We want this to be an open discussion so we can learn and grow from your input and commentary to create the best process and policies we can. Please send us your comments, critiques, suggestions, or concerns to [email protected], or post them to our forum thread for more in-depth discussion.

You can always see the latest, most accurate version of these policies on our Dealer’s Room page at If you have any questions, please let us know so that we can address them as quickly as possible. We are looking forward to working with all of you during this coming year to make Further Confusion’s Dealer’s Room and Artist Alley better than ever!


General Rules

Further Confusion has established the following rules regarding the display, promotion, and sale of merchandise in it’s Dealer’s Room venues to protect dealers, attendees, Further Confusion volunteers, and Further Confusion itself and to ensure that the convention remains available to individuals of any age for years to come.

  • These rules apply to all areas of the convention where attendees are permitted to sell items or services.
  • These rules will be updated as circumstances and legal requirements change. The latest version will be presented to Dealers when they sign in to claim their tables at Further Confusion 2016.
  • Further Confusion reserves the right to refuse dealer space to anyone for any reason.

Dealer Rules/Guidelines

1. Dealer Eligibility – Per seller’s permit requirements of the California State Board of Equalization, Dealers registering for Further Confusion must be at least 18 years old. No exceptions will be made.

2. Sellers Permits – In all but the most exceptional circumstances dealers are required to have a current California State Sellers Permit. You will be required to provide this prior to selling merchandise, commissions, and/or other services at Further Confusion. It is the responsibility of each Dealer to obtain Sellers Permits, Further Confusion can not do this for you.

2.1 If you are unable to present a valid permit when checking to the Dealer’s Room you will not be allowed to sell. Your Dealer’s Room costs will not be refunded.

2.2 California Seller’s Permit may be obtained from California State Board of Equalization. ( or 1-800-400-7115 )

Specific Sales Permit Information for FC2017:

The event dates for Further Confusion 2016 are 1/12/2017 through 1/16/2017. The space rental you are paying will be based on the size spot you paid for:
Artist Alley space – $30
Dealer’s Den Half table – $60 ($100 powered)
Dealer’s Den Full table – $120 ($160 powered)
Dealer’s Den 2 tables – $240 ($320 powered)
Dealer’s Den booth – $320 ($400 powered)

Further Confusion does charge admission to the event. The organizer/Promoter of the event is:
Anthropomorphic Arts & Education
105 Serra Way #236
Milpitas CA 95035

The location of the event is NOTE: it is very important that you use the CONVENTION CENTER address, as this is where your business is conducted!:
San Jose Convention Center
150 W San Carlos St.
San Jose CA, 95113

Again: It is very important that you do NOT use our email address as one of YOUR email addresses. If the application asks for the event email address, please use [email protected].

2.2.1 When applying for a seller’s permit, if asked for an email address for the event, please use [email protected]!

2.3 If you believe you are exempt from needing a sellers permit, please review BOE Publication 61, available on the BOE website ( and contact [email protected] to discuss the matter more fully.

2.4 No exceptions to these rules will be made.

3. Legal Responsibility – Further Confusion requires that attendees, volunteers, and vendors observe and adhere to all state and federal laws. We would like to highlight the following laws in particular:

3.1 PROTECT Act of 2003 – Portions of the PROTECT Act of 2003 provide for increased penalties and easier prosecution of crimes against minors.

3.2 US Code Title 18, Sections 1466A and 2252A – Enacted by the Protect Act of 2003, these laws relate to knowledgeable production, distribution, receipt, or possession with intent to distribute obscene visual depictions of any kind that depict minors, actual or fictional, engaging in sexually explicit conduct. This includes drawings, cartoons, sculptures, and/or paintings.

3.3 Art and/or publications containing content described by FC Dealer’s Room Rule 3.2 may not be promoted or sold at Further Confusion.

3.4 Further Confusion is required to enforce the provisions of Title 18 sections and will engage local law enforcement should we find such material being sold at our event.

4. Merchandise/Material Awareness – All goods and services sold at Further Confusion must comply not only with State and Federal law, but also with the express policies of Further Confusion.

4.1 Mature/Adult Material – All merchandise and displays must be kept in compliance with the California State law with regard to potential viewing by minors.

4.1.1 Any material containing extremely violent and/or sexually explicit nature depictions must not be accessible to minors, including literature.

4.1.2 Mature/Adult material must be kept in closed binders/folders that are clearly marked as adult.

4.1.3 Mature/Adult art in progress must be as concealed as possible from public view.

4.1.4 Dealers are required to monitor their adult/mature materials to ensure minors are not viewing them and must be aware of the persons behind the persons browsing their materials may be a minor. Further Confusion recommends dealers display “censored versions” mature/adult materials to ease the burden of compliance with this requirement.

4.1.5 Dealer’s Room volunteers will make occasional sweeps of the Dealer Room to assist dealers in complying with these rules. Dealer’s Room volunteers will alert you if they feel your displays are insufficient with regard to these rules. It is the responsibility of the dealer to improve/change their displays or remove them from their space. Failure to comply with the requests of Dealer’s Room volunteers may result in insufficiently covered material being confiscated or the dealer being asked to leave the Dealer’s room.

4.2 Copyrighted/Pirated materials – Further Confusion takes seriously our commitment to protecting the intellectual property rights of content creators.

4.2.1 All materials sold in the Further Confusion Dealer’s Room must be either owned by the dealer or approved for sale by the copyright owner.

4.2.2 Reproductions of commercial media such as Disney, Warner Brothers, or any other materials that violate copyright laws will not be tolerated.

4.2.3 Art compilations/story anthologies offered for sale at Further Confusion must have the approval of the originating creators except where creators have previously approved their work for sale, such as published collections and fanzines.

4.2.4 Pirated/Bootleg materials including but not limited to art, stories, merchandise, software, and audio/video recordings are not permitted.

4.2.5 If you are found to be selling materials which violates these rules Dealer’s Room volunteers will notify you to cease sales of those materials and may engage local law enforcement as necessary.

4.3 Weapons and Dangerous Items – Weaponry and potentially dangerous items are allowed to be sold in the Further Confusion Dealer’s Room.

4.3.1 All items sold must be legal for sale in the State of California and must be sold in compliance with all applicable State and Federal Laws.

4.3.2 Dealers are responsible for any and all injury due to the handling of such items.

4.3.3 Weapons and/or Dangerous items must be wrapped in a protective manner at the time of sale.

4.3.4 Dealers are required to advise buyers take any weapons or dangerous items purchased must be taken directly from the Dealer Room/public convention spaces to a private room, a personal vehicle, or location outside of Further Confusion’s event space.

4.3.5 Firearms–whether real, demilitarized, or realistic replica–are not permitted for sale in Further Confusion’s Dealer’s Room.

4.4 Controlled/Illicit Substances and Paraphernalia – Materials and goods that fall into the categories of controlled or illicit substances or paraphernalia used to ingest or inhale such substances may not be sold in the Further Confusion Dealer’s Room.

4.4.1 For the purposes of Further Confusion, controlled substances include but are not limited alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications, and all substances/drugs that are illegal or controlled by State and/or Federal law.

4.4.2 Dealer’s Room volunteers will either warn dealers to cease sales/distribution and/or engage local law enforcement should we find such substances or paraphernalia being sold at our event.

5. Tip Jars, Donation Jars, and Raffles

5.1 Tip Jars – Dealers are not permitted to put out tips jars on their tables at Further Confusion.

5.2 Donation Jars – If you wish to collection donations, whether for a registered charity or not, you must first get the permission of Further Confusion’s Dealer’s Room volunteers.

5.2.1 If approved, Dealer’s Room Volunteers will issue you a sticker which must be placed on the donation jar. If approved, Dealers are required to report the sum of all donations collected to Further Confusion’s Dealer’s Room Volunteers as these donations must be reported on our tax filing.

5.3 Raffles – Generally, Dealers are not permitted to host raffles at Further Confusion without prior consent of Dealer’s Room Volunteers.

5.3.1 If approved, raffles must comply with both California State Law and Further Confusion’s Raffle Policy.

5.4 If a Further Confusion Volunteer asks you to cease collecting tips and donations or selling raffle tickets you must do so immediately, regardless of whether or not your tip/donation jar or raffle has been approved by Further Confusion.

6. Professionalism and Behavior – We ask that all dealers and their assistants in the Dealer’s Room maintain a reasonable level of professionalism.

6.1 Please dress in a manner that is acceptable to an audience of all ages and which will allow you to be comfortable for the day.

6.2 Explicit use of profanity, postures, and mannerisms are unacceptable, as is horseplay and harassment of other Dealers, Assistants, attendees, or volunteers.

6.3 Physical and/or verbal altercations between Dealers, Assistants, attendees, and Dealer’s Room volunteers are unacceptable and will result in immediate expulsion from the convention of those involved without refund. Local authorities will be engaged if necessary.

6.4 Only persons with a Dealer or Dealer Assistant badge may be seated at a Dealer table.

6.4.1 Dealers and Dealer Assistants must wear their Dealer/Assistant badges when in the dealer’s room.

6.4.2 Only properly badged Dealers and Assistants will be permitted early and late access to the Dealer’s Room for setup and tear-down.

6.4.3 Dealers may request Dealer Assistant Tags from the Dealer’s Room Manager.

6.4.4 Dealer’s Room full tables may request up to two (2) Assistant tags. Dealer’s Room half tables may request one (1) Assistant tag.

6.4.5 Request for more than two Assistant tags will be addressed by the Dealer’s Room manager on a case-by-case basis.

6.4.6 Assistant tags themselves are not convention memberships, Assistants are still required to have convention memberships.

6.5 Smoking and use of vaporizers/e-cigarettes is prohibited in the Dealer’s Room by all convention attendees, Dealers, Assistants, and volunteers.

6.5.1 Dealer’s who smoke or use smokeless/vaporizer/e-cigarettes are asked to leave the Dealer’s Room to do so.

6.5.2 Dealers Room Volunteers will politely ask you to comply and may ask you to leave the Dealers Room for the day if repeated requests must be made.

7. Disputes

7.1 Further Confusion Volunteers will not become involved in financial disputes between attendees and dealers.

7.2 Disputes between attendees, Dealers, and Dealer’s Room volunteers will be settled at the discretion of the Dealer’s Room Manager, the convention’s Business Director, or Chairman and/or Vice Chairman of Further Confusion.

8. Table Guidelines

8.1 The convention reserves the right to refuse service to anybody including Dealers, Assistants, and convention attendees.

8.2 Dealers may seek a refund in accordance with our Refund Policy. We will not roll-over of dealer memberships or tables to a following year.

8.3 Reselling and sharing tables

8.3.1 Dealers may not resell their tables.

8.3.2 Table Sharing – Dealers may share their tables pending with the approval of the Dealer’s Room manager. For all full tables and shares, each business entity is required to have a California seller’s permit on hand. No exceptions. Unapproved table shares may result in the registered dealer being asked to leave the Dealer’s Room for the remainder of the convention.

8.4 Annoying/Distracting Displays – For the sake of your fellow dealers, obtrusive or distracting displays are not allowed.

8.4.1 Annoyances may include excessive/flashing lights or loud music/sound from laptop speakers or other display/audio devices.

8.4.2 Final determination of what is annoying or distracting is the discretion of the Dealer’s Room Manager.

8.5 Keep pathways clear – The Dealer’s Room can become very crowded and hard to move around. Please help us keep things safe and moving for everybody.

8.5.1 Dealers and Assistants must be behind their tables when selling merchandise or working on commissions. Sitting in the aisles between table rows is not permitted.

8.5.2 Merchandise and displays may not extend past the front edge of dealer tables so that they are not a trip or snag hazard.

8.5.3 For the safety of other dealers, attendees, and convention volunteers, please promptly comply with any requests made by Dealer’s Room volunteers to keep pathways clear.

8.6 Be space conscious – Be considerate of other Dealers around you and use common sense. For the safety of all Dealers, try to keep personal clutter to a minimum and keep pathways behind tables as clear as possible, store merchandise under your table chairs.

8.7 Cleanliness – Keep the Dealer’s Room looking reasonably clean and presentable.

8.7.1 Use provided waste receptacles, not the floor, for any garbage.

8.7.2 Report any spills or similar issues to the Dealer’s Room Manager as soon as possible. Dealers may be responsible for additional cleaning costs for any large stains on the carpet at/near their tables after the convention.

9. No-Show, Refund Policy, and Waiting List

9.1 Early Refund Requests – Dealers may request a refund of their table space up to 14 days before Further Confusion.

9.1.1 Dealers must send refund requests via [email protected]. Due to the delays in handling we no longer accept cancellations by postal mail.

9.1.2 By default, refunds will be handled by check sent via postal mail and may take as long as ten (10) days to process.

9.1.3 By request of the Dealer, refunds may sent via PayPal.

9.2 Late Refunds Requests – Refunds requests made less than fourteen (14) days before Further Confusion will require approval of the convention’s Business Director on a case by case basis.

9.2.1 If a Late Refund is granted, it may take as long as sixty (60) days to process.

9.3 No-Shows – A dealer will be considered a No-Show if their table is unclaimed four (4) hours after the Dealer Room opens to the public.

9.3.1 For No-Show situations, the disposition of the table will be handled per the Wait-list rules.

9.3.2 Dealers may contact the Dealer’s Room Manager if they are going to be late to the convention for any reason, however it is the discretion of the Dealer’s Room Manager/Business Director to extend any exception to these No-Show rules.

9.4 Dealer Wait-list – We anticipate higher demand for tables in Further Confusion’s Dealer’s Room than we have supply. For this reason we have developed and maintain a waiting list system.

9.4.1 Dealers will be placed in waiting lists for the specific type of table they had applied for automatically. Wait-listed dealers may not change the type of table they are waiting for. Wait-listed dealers may opt out of the wait-lists at any time by sending mail to [email protected].

9.4.2 No Dealer will be added to the wait-list after the Dealer’s Registration window closes.

9.4.3 If a table becomes available, it will be offered to the first dealer on the wait-list for that type of table. Wait-listed dealers are not obligated to accept a table if one is offered to them. Passing on an offered table does not automatically remove a dealer from the wait-list.

9.4.4 Table Transfers – Dealers may not transfer their tables to specific other dealers when they request refunds, these tables will be offered to the first dealer on the waiting list for that type of table.

For question, comments, or clarification to these rules and guidelines, please email [email protected] or [email protected].