Nine Lives Foundation – our 2017 charity


Nine Lives Foundation, based in Redwood City, CA, rescues cats and kittens who are considered special-needs, at risk of euthanasia, or cats that other shelters won’t take. They proudly run a true no-kill shelter where they provide a safe environment and on site medical care for the over 150 cats and kittens they currently house at their facilities, including treatment and rehabilitation for sick and injured felines. Nine Lives will spend whatever time necessary to help the cats adjust to their new environment, and most of these otherwise” unadoptable” animals have found permanent loving homes through the efforts of the organization. In addition, the foundation runs a low cost spay/neuter clinic, believing that working actively to spay and neuter feral cats goes a long way to saving lives. Since 2015 the foundation found forever homes for 2,535 cats, and has performed over 3,500 spay/neuter procedures in 2016 alone. To be able to provide these low and no cost services Nine Lives Foundation is funded in part with private donations, and welcomes the support of cat lovers everywhere.

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