FurCon Goes to the Fair!

Howdy FurCon Community!

Today, we’re delighted to share more details about our plans for FC 2019! As announced by the board of Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, our new Chair will be Kenneth “Fennecus Kitsune” Coane. Along with their team of volunteers, Fennecus will be working hard to bring us the best Further Confusion yet! Read on for more details about our theme and direction for 2019:

You heard it here, folks! For Further Confusion 2019, our 20th Anniversary, we’re going to the fair!

Why this theme?

Fennecus: Our plan for theming for FurCon 2019 is “A Fair in the Valley of Heart’s Delight”, or shorter “FC Goes to the Fair!”. The idea is to embrace our classic convention feel, with a classic country fair theme. Part of this would be to embrace some of our local San Jose and surrounding area history, looking back ~100 years to establish a vintage aesthetic. While San Jose and Santa Clara County is currently more well known for its tech industry, it used to be well known for its orchards and agriculture. The sweet scent of the numerous orchards in the valley gave rise to the nickname “The Valley of Heart’s Delight”. To further elaborate, our focus is more on the early-20th-century vintage aspects you might see at an agricultural or state fair, rather than some of the somewhat more modern traveling carnivals. While some rides and carnival attractions are in line with the theme, a fair can be much more than that! When you think of fairs, you think of communities coming together to have fun. That’s exactly what our convention is too; it’s a natural fit.

What will your focus be for the year?

Fennecus: For FurCon 2019, I want to really step up our theming. I think theming is one way that we can help set our event apart from the others, and give people something to be excited about. There are a lot of avenues to explore, and lots of potential opportunities for pre-con and at-con theming improvements. I also want to continue improving the volunteer experience. Since I began volunteering for the convention, there has been a lingering stigma of volunteering being a difficult thing or overly time consuming commitment. I want to break some of those assumptions.

What should we be looking forward to next?

We are planning to open Dealer Applications at the end of this month. If you want to be notified when they open, you can sign up for our dealer mailing list here: http://eepurl.com/b5NUr5. Following dealer selection, hotel will open, with first booking opportunity going to dealers and volunteers. The block will open for general reservations in June. We’re also working to get our volunteer application online, with a few technical improvements to make that process smoother. If you’re interested in helping out, you can always drop us a line at hr@furtherconfusion.org. We’ll be happy to help you find something fun, and on a schedule that works for you!

FC2018 Wrap Up

Hello FurCon Community,

Thank you again for being a part of Further Confusion! It has been our great joy to put on this event for you, and we sincerely hope you enjoyed your time with us here in San Jose. On a personal level, I am honored to have been the chairman of this event. I’ve been so touched by the dedication of our volunteers, the support and advice from our sponsors and super-sponsors, and the enthusiasm of our attendees. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise over $15,000 for Silicon Valley Pet Project! We are so thrilled to support SVPP’s mission of finding homes for every shelter pet.

Art Show underwent significant changes in preparation for 2018. We are pleased to report that the show ran smoothly, with over 700 pieces displayed and $32,865.00 in sales recorded. I would like to extend a thank you to everyone involved in the refresh for their excellent work. We look forward to continued improvements in the future!

Our venues continue to praise the behavior of our attendees, and many local businesses were excited to welcome them back. In terms of safety, I am delighted to say that incident reports decreased by half this year. We are endlessly thankful for our partnership with FLARE, our first-response team. Their dedication to the safety of our attendees, and their ability to effectively work with emergency responders and our venues is invaluable. It helps, of course, that our attendees are excellent to everyone they meet. We cannot thank you enough for setting such a wonderful tone throughout the weekend.

In terms of growth, we remained limited by our usual hotel capacities this year. Though we look forward to pursuing additional room blocks in the future, we were very pleased to host just over 3,400 attendees this year. Our updated fursuit parade route saw 570 participants, and featured an outdoor section thanks to pleasant weather. Photos from the parade and photoshoot will be posted at www.dragonscales.com in the coming weeks, once the photographers have had time to process them.

As always, we look forward to your feedback. Your suggestions help us to improve, and we love to hear from you. Please reach out to feedback@furtherconfusion.org if you would like us to follow up with you, or click here to submit feedback anonymously.

In closing, there are a few groups I would like to acknowledge. I would like to thank Team San Jose, the San Jose Marriott, the Hilton San Jose, and the Hyatt Place, for being wonderful partners to us this year. The support of our venues means so much to us, and we’re glad to have their help. I would also like to thank all our community members who participated in FC as panelists, DJs, and performers. You talents, skills, and knowledge, shaped the experiences of our attendees throughout the weekend. We could not have created such a successful event without you. And finally, to the volunteer team, thank you, so so much. You should be proud of what you accomplished!

Until next year, may you find magic in the little things all around you. We’ll look forward to seeing you next January!

Tracey “Roux” Simmons
Chairman, FC2018

Registration for 2019 is already open at our early-bird rate! You can click here to check it out 😉

FC2018 Main Stage Update

Coming soon to the Further Confusion main stage… YOU!

Hello FurCon Community! We are pleased to announce that signups for our main stage shows are now open. We are also excited to reveal the DJ lineup for our nightly dances, and an exciting Friday night show! Here are the details:

FC:Unleashed is our variety talent show, taking place on Sunday night of the convention. We love to showcase talents of all kinds from the community, from yo-yo masters, to singers, to poets, and more! Are you ready to show us what you’ve got?

Click here to sign up for FC:Unleashed!

Click here for the FC:Unleashed Rules and Info!

FCDC (FurCon Dance Competition) is our Saturday night dance competition! Dancers will compete, in fursuit, for glory and prizes. Are you a dancer? Sign up to compete before the con, to guarantee your spot!

Click here to sign up for FCDC!

Click here for the FCDC Rules and Info!

Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote make their exciting return to FC on Friday night! Join them this time on main stage for an evening of exceptional music, humor, and fun!

And last but certainly not least, our DJ Lineup for the 2018 Dances:

Thursday Night
Second Stage: 9 PM – 1 AM (Following opening ceremonies at 8:30 PM)


Friday Night
Main Stage: 10:30 PM – 2:30 AM

Sparx Traxx
DJ Spots

Saturday Night
Main Stage: 10:30 PM – 2:30 AM

My Pet Rhino (formerly Cohn Jonner)

Sunday Night
Main Stage: 10:30 PM – 2:30 AM


Monday Night
Second Stage: 7:15 PM – 11 AM (Following a short closing announcement ceremony at 7 PM)

(+ TBD)

FC2018 – Furtastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Hello Further Confusion community!

It’s time to launch FC2018, and we’ve got a lot of exciting information for you. Read on for information on hotel, volunteering, dealer applications, panel submissions, and more!


Our hotel block will be open to general attendees on Saturday, July 8th, at 3PM Pacific Time. This initial open will be for the Marriott and Hilton, with overflow hotel to open shortly after. Volunteers and Dealers will have priority access to booking, in order to ensure that they are able to find a room.

The standard room rate for our anchor hotels, Hilton San Jose and San Jose Marriott, is $149/night. We will be announcing additional hotels soon!

Suites will be available on a first-come basis for FC2018, not via lottery. Party floor applications will open shortly after the main hotel block opens.

The hotel page of our website will be updated soon with information for 2018. We will make an announcement once that page goes online, so be on the lookout! On July 8th, a booking link will appear on both the hotel page and homepage of the site. We have put protections in place which should keep the site online during the initial booking rush. Should those protections fail, please check our twitter (@furcon) for an alternative link.


We have scheduled our meeting dates from now through November:

  • Date: June 10th

Location: San Jose Hilton, Market room (1st floor)

Link: Join meeting: june-fc-staff

  • Date: July 15th

Location: San Jose Marriott

  • Date: August 19th

Location: San Jose Marriott

  • Date: September 23rd

Location: San Jose Marriott

  • Date: October 21st

Location: San Jose Hilton

  • Date: November 18th

Location: San Jose Hilton

Our HR system is currently undergoing a refresh, but you can still get involved! Come to our kickoff staff meeting this Saturday, June 10th at 1PM to learn about our various departments, what positions are open, and how we put our convention together. You will also be able to join our meeting remotely at the Google Hangout link provided. If you cannot make a meeting, but would still like to help out, drop us a line at hr@furtherconfusion.org.


Dealer applications will open on Monday, June 12th. Applications will remain open for one week, until Monday, June 19th. Approvals will be sent out beginning on June 25th, with a hotel booking link included for those who are accepted. Waitlisted applicants will be notified of their position in line shortly after approvals go out. Accepted dealers will be able to book hotel rooms for one week before the block opens.

The dealer page of our website is under construction, but should launch tomorrow afternoon. The page will include a sample application, policy updates, space fee information, and more. Please check back soon for that update. For updates as they happen, you can subscribe to our FC Business info mailing list here.

Art Show

We have received a lot of feedback about FC2017’s Art Show, and are excited to put some of the ideas from our community into action for FC2018. Our art show system is undergoing a rewrite, and applications are slated to open in August. We will continue to post updates as this process moves along.

Panel Submissions

We are open for 2018 panel submissions! If you are interested in running a panel or hosting an event, please apply to do so here. For more information about our various tracks, check out www.furtherconfusion.org/panels. Our programming team is available via programming@furtherconfusion.org for questions or ideas.


That wraps up our launch post, but there is plenty more to come! We hope you’ll stay in touch with us by following @furcon on twitter, or subscribing to one of our mailing lists here:

General News Updates 

Dealers and Art Show

Panels and Events
As always, thank you for all that you do to make Further Confusion possible. Whether you’re a volunteer or an attendee, we couldn’t do it without you!

Collaboration with #Artsplosion

Hello everyone!

Further Confusion is excited to announce that we will be collaborating with #Artsplosion on May 13th.

#Artsplosion is a bi-monthly local arts and crafts exhibition intended to serve the Bay Area Queer arts community. It is held at the Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center, right here in San Jose. The center welcomes members of the community, and provides many resources and support services for LGBT+ locals.

So what makes this coming #Artsplosion extra special? Well, we’re going to be adding a furry twist! This #Artsplosion will feature a masquerade, showcasing both fursuiting and cosplay. We also hope to end the night with a fursuit-friendly dance party! Local DJs, panelists, and artists are encouraged to sign up to participate by clicking this sentence right here.

The event is open for free to the public from approximately 1PM to 5PM. The dance will be open as well, but with a suggested $10 donation to the community center, from 7PM to 9PM.

We hope you’ll join us at this fun event. Come showcase the many talents of the furry community, while helping to support the local LGBT+ community!

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Marriott Rate Correction

Good Morning!

At the beginning of this month, we uncovered some incorrect room rates published in the 3rd party booking system we use to reserve Further Confusion hotel rooms; the listed rate did not match our contracts or our website. At the time, we believed only rooms in the Hilton San Jose were affected, but this weekend we came across further discrepancies affecting the San Jose Marriott.

Our Hotel team has been working closely with our 3rd party booking vendor, and have at this time combed through our contracts to ensure no further discrepancies. Anyone with an affected reservation will have received an email about a reservation modification, which will reflect the correct room rates as published on our hotel page.

We sincerely apologize to our attendees for any inconvenience this may cause. We are looking deeply into how this problem occurred, and are committed to ensuring it doesn’t repeat itself in future years. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach our Hotel team directly at hotel@furtherconfuson.org

Thank you for your continued understanding. We look forward to seeing you in January!

Hilton Rate Discrepancy

To our attendees,

As many of you have noticed, we had a rate discrepancy in our Hilton room block. Our contracted rate for the Hilton is $139/night (before taxes), as listed on the hotel page at our website. Unfortunately, when the block was set up a clerical error incorrectly caused the price on our booking service to be $132/night. The discrepancy has been corrected, and the booking website now reflects the correct price. An email went out this morning to everyone who already booked at the Hilton, informing them of the change.

To give you some clarity into how the error occurred, here is a brief explanation of how our booking system works:

There is an intermediate service, called Passkey, between ourselves and the hotels to manage our room blocks. Early in the year, we set up contracts with the hotels for a number of rooms, which are then entered into Passkey. This enables us to have a booking website from which attendees can book at any of our contracted hotels, making the booking process much smoother. The reservations created in Passkey stay there for much of the year, unseen by the hotels themselves until the room block closes. At that time, the reservations are transferred to each hotel’s own system.

The error we experienced with pricing occurred when our Passkey booking website was being generated; the price for the Hilton rooms was incorrectly set for $7/night less than it should have been. Because Passkey is not managed directly by Further Confusion or by the hotels themselves, the error went unnoticed for some time. Further Confusion was informed directly of the error yesterday afternoon, as was our event manager at the Hilton. We would like to offer our sincerest apologies for any difficulties the correction may have caused. If you have any questions or concerns, our hotel team is reachable via hotel@furtherconfusion.org.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to seeing you in January!

FC2017 Hotel Overflow Update

The Hyatt Place is now open for booking! Click here to book.

Hello travelers!

With our planning for 2017 in full swing, we’re very excited to share a new development with you. Further Confusion is delighted to announce the addition of the Hyatt Place San Jose to our hotel lineup!


The Hyatt Place is conveniently located right across the street from the new convention center expansion space, just steps away from our main events. All rooms include breakfast for up to four guests, free high-speed wifi internet, and 24-hour access to a state of the art fitness center. Rooms are available with two double beds, or one king bed with a pull-out couch, and will be $149/night +taxes and fees. Parking will be available at the hotel for an additional fee, to be determined. 

We’re incredibly excited to add the Hyatt Place to our lineup of stellar hotels, and hope that you will be excited too. Rooms will be available to book today, Wednesday 8/3/16, at noon, from our regular booking link found on our hotel page. 
As always, thank you for your support of Further Confusion; we hope to see you there!