Managing your Pre-Registration

Greetings travelers! As we speed closer to our convention destination, we want to ensure everyone has a ticket to ride! Here’s how to check if you’ve pre-registered for FurCon 2017, and how to edit your details or upgrade your membership: Check your inbox(es): Registration confirmation emails are sent from ““. Otherwise, head over to our Registration … Read more

Dealer Room layouts now available

Greetings to all our artists and vendors! The preliminary seating charts have now been posted on our Dealer Maps page. Please check your email (and Spam and Promotions tab, just in case) for additional details and action items to ensure a smooth check-in and setup in our new space. Don’t hesitate to reach out to … Read more

At-Con Registration “Fast Lane”!

Welcome to Further Confusion 2016! We know the wait in the at-con registration line has been long and tedious in the past, and we want to get you registered and having fun as soon as possible! Here’s how to expedite your registration, starting at 5PM on Thursday: Register and pay online at: (from your hotel … Read more

FC 2016 Fall Update!

Hey there everyone! We’ve got a lot of fantastic news to share about FC 2016! First and foremost, we’d like to announce our Guests of Honor for 2016! We’re proud to welcome Dana Claire Simpson, syndicated cartoonist (“Pheobe and Her Unicorn”, “Ozy and Millie”) and recent recipient of the Washington State Book Award as our featured Guest … Read more

Our 2015 Guests and Charity!

We’re proud to announce our Guests of Honor and charity for FC 2015! We’re honored this year to bring to you two of the most masterful puppeteers working in the field today. Warrick Brownlow-Pike and Andy J. Heath have worked in many movies and television productions, but the furry fandom recognizes them most from their … Read more