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Our 2018 Art Show is not yet open for applicationsThis page is currently being updated from FC2017 to FC2018 information.

Further Confusion Art Show Introduction

Over the years we have established the following rules and guidelines to protect the artists, the fans and the convention. Before submitting an application for Art Show space, please read through the information provided here as information, policies, rules and guidelines may have changed.

Also, we’re soliciting feedback from all past and future Art Show participants.
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Art Show Rules


We have shifted to an exclusive online system for artists to register and pay for panel/table space at the Further Confusion Art Show! When you register for the Further Confusion Art Show online the majority of the paperwork normally associated with displaying work in the Art Show is taken care of for you! We provide the option of paying of your Art Show registration online through PayPal or credit-card (via the PayPal website). As of Further Confusion 2017, the Art Show will no longer accept mailed registration forms.

Payment by check will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis only. If you would like to pay by check, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Please register before December 15th, 2016 for your best chance to receive space. Registrations received afterwards are on a “first come, first served” basis.

Art Show Rules, Guidelines, and Artist Agreement:

By registering for the Further Confusion Art Show, artists agree to the rules and guidelines presented here in the Artist Agreement.

Convention Membership – Every artist displaying and/or selling art at the Further Confusion Art Show must be a paid member of Further Confusion. For artists that will not be able to join us in person at Further Confusion in January, we offer a $25 Non-Attending/Supporting membership. Memberships, including Non-Attending/Supporting levels, may be purchased via Further Confusion Registration. Artists may delay purchasing membership until panel space has been assigned. Pricing will remain at the current rate through December 31st, 2016.

Panels and Table Spaces – Further Confusion’s Art Show is divided into sections for General Audiences and Adult Audiences, with both sections having space to display 3D art:

  • Art Show panels are 4 feet high by 4 feet wide
  • 3D table spaces are 2.5 feet deep by 4 feet wide

Pricing for panels/tables space are the same in both General Audience and Adult Audience sections.

Descriptions of the what is suitable for either section is outlined in the our Content Guidelines section below.

Artists may request as many panels and/or 3D table spaces as desired, however space will be assigned by Art Show staff based on availability. Complimentary Art Show space is provided to the Guests of Honor only.

Panels will be assigned by Art Show Staff and artists will be notified of their panel assignments by Art Show staff at the end of December 2016. If multiple artists wish to display next to each other, both parties should email [email protected] no later than one week (7 days) after they’ve registered and paid for their art show space and accommodations will be made. Failure to do so will not ensure that you will be able to display next to each other.

After the initial assignments have been processed, remaining Art Show space will be apportioned on a first-come, first-served basis.

All artists displaying work in the Art Show must sign/submit an Art Show Agreement. Panels will not be assigned to any artists who has not secured their registration with a payment and signed Art Show Agreement.

Artists may share panel space if they so choose; payment to artists who share a panel will be made to one artist only. Dividing up the payment is the artist’s responsibility, not that of The Further Confusion Art Show or Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc.

Pricing – Pricing for Art Show panels and Table Space are as follows:

  • Art Show Panels, Full/Half – $10/$5 each
  • 3D Table Space, Full/Half – $20/$10 each

Payments – Artists may make payments either online as part of their online Art Show registration.

Artist Payments and Commission – In addition to the fees for reserving panels and/or tables, Further Confusion collects a ten percent (10%) commission on all art sold. The Further Confusion Art Show collects sales tax. The Art Show will not withhold income tax or other taxes; such taxes are the sole responsibility of the artist.

In accordance with California law, the artist will be provided with the names and addresses of the purchasers of their art. Payment to the artist will be made by check in US Dollars only within forty-five (45) days of the close of the convention. Cancellation and Forfeiture Panels may be cancelled at any time. Artists are requested to inform the Art Show as soon as they know they will not use a panel. Refunds for Panel and/or Table Space will be issued until Panel/Table assignment occurs at the end of December. After Panel/Table assignments have been made, refunds will be issued on a case by case basis. Unless prior arrangements have been made with Further Confusion Art Show staff, artists who do not claim their space in assigned spaces by Noon (12pm) on the Friday of the convention will forfeit those spaces. There will be no refunds for forfeited spaces.

Art Show Content and Display Guidelines, General Theme – Further Confusion is a special-interest fan convention and, likewise, our Art Show is also special-interest. The majority of an artist’s displayed work must must prominently feature the themes of anthropomorphism,  anthropomorphic characters (animals with human characteristics), theriomorphic characters (humans with animal characteristics), wildlife, or creatures within science fiction and fantasy themes. This is not a general-interest science fiction Art Show.

General Audience/Adult Audience – Artwork in the General Audience section must be suitable for all ages. Frontal nudity (defined as bare breasts or exposed genitalia), obvious sexual contact (even if the genitalia are not visible), extreme violence, and depictions of illegal drug use must be displayed in the Adult Audience section.

Trademarked/Copyrighted/Well Known Characters – Characters that are subject to trademark or copyright (“fanart”), or that are the well-known property of somebody other than the displaying artist may not be shown without written proof of permission from the holder of the trademark or copyright or the creator of the character. All trademarked, copyrighted, or well known characters must be credited appropriately.

Defamation/Libel/Parody – Artwork that defames or libels any living person, trademarked, copyrighted property, or well-known fictional character may not be displayed. Parody may be allowed at the discretion of Art Show staff who will make the determination if a piece is mere parody or defamation.

Firearms – Functional firearms, no matter how artistic, may not be displayed.

Subject Matter – Depictions of the following subject matters may not be displayed in the Further Confusion Art Show:

  • Depictions of sexual contact between humans and non-anthropomorphic animals.
  • Depictions of minors in any sexual situation or extreme violence against minors.
  • Depictions that can be considered a direct threat against another person.
  • Depictions that may otherwise be considered legally actionable.

If there any questions whether or not a particular piece is appropriate for the Further Confusion Arts Show for any reason (content, thematic relevance, etc..), do not hesitate to contact Art Show staff.

Decisions regarding suitability theme and content are the sole discretion of the Further Confusion Art Show staff.

Prints – The Further Confusion Art Show requires that all prints be that of a limited run and labeled as such. Additionally, California Law requires the following information be provided with prints:

  • A print from a limited print run must be numbered, along with the size of the print run (e.g. “5 of 20″).
  • The method of printing must be given ( lithograph, giclée, etc… ).
  • If the print was made from a plate (such as a lithograph), and the plate has been destroyed, the date of the plate’s destruction must be given.
  • No more than one print of any given piece may be displayed in the Further Confusion Art Show.

Flat Art – Please observe the following requirements and recommendations for the display of flat art in the Further Confusion Art Show.

  • All flat art must be mounted or matted; artists may not simply hang a piece of paper with a drawing on it. Exceptions may be made for original comic book pages on Bristol board and paintings on framed canvases may be made.
  • Small flat artwork should be framed or shrink-wrapped. Artwork composed of smudge-prone media (pencils, pastels, etc.) should be protected with fixative or otherwise protected from accidental damage. The Art Show is not responsible for damage caused to artwork by hanging or by the art’s fragility.

3D Art – Three-dimensional artwork often requires special arrangements. Artists planning to display 3D Art in the Further Confusion Art Show should notify the Art Show staff in regards to nature of the artwork in advance so that any necessary accommodations for specific needs can be made such as electricity, small valuable items displayed in a cabinet, etc.

The Further Confusion Art Show reserves the right to refuse service or display privileges to anyone without comment.

At-Con Artist Check-In / Post-Con Artist Pick-Up Check-In – Art may not be displayed until the artist has checked in with the Art Show staff and their paperwork verified. The Art Show panels are pegboards. Hanging hooks and clips will be provided.

We anticipate Thursday evening setup will be available for all Art Show participants. Exact timing will depend on the efficiency of panel construction during the day; watch for an announcement email closer to the convention informing of full check-in and load-in instructions.

Once a piece is entered in the Art Show, the terms of sale (minimum bid, not-for-sale status, etc.) may not be changed. It may not be removed from the Art Show until after the Art Show has closed. A piece is considered to be entered from the moment a bid sheet sheet has been placed by it at the panel or table. Artists may add pieces to the Art Show as late as 12pm on Saturday.

Tags – Every piece of art displayed in the Art Show must have a tag attached to the back, with the artist’s name, the title of the piece, and the medium. Forms will be provided. This is in addition to the bid sheet, and is necessary in case the bid sheet is separated from the art.

Bid Sheet – Every piece of art displayed in the Art Show must have a bid sheet, even if the piece is not being offered for sale via auction. (In such cases, “not for sale” will be written on the bid sheet.).

Unsold Artwork – Unsold artwork may be retrieved from the Art Show on Sunday during the published Art Show Check-Out and Pick-Up times. All art must be picked up by the close of the  convention on Monday. Exact pick-up times will be posted at the Art Show. Any other arrangements (such as mail-in art) must be made with the Art Show staff or a penalty equal to ten percent (10%) of the minimum bid plus actual shipping charges may be assessed.

Damage – If a piece is damaged, or other conditions or offers are attached to the piece, these must be approved by the Art Show Staff.

Art Show Bidding/Sales Silent Auction – Pieces on display at the Further Confusion Art Show may be offered for silent auction. It is not required that displayed pieces be offered for auction.

Voice Auction – A piece with six (6) bids will go to to voice auction. If no additional bids are made at the voice auction the piece will be offered to the last silent bidder.

Direct Sale (“Buy Now”) – Artists have the option of allowing pieces to be sold immediately during the show without going through the auction process. This is done by writing a price in the “Buy Now” field of the bid sheet and control sheet. If a piece has no bids on it, a bidder may elect to purchase the piece immediately at the “Buy Now” price. We strongly suggest that the “Buy Now” price be substantially higher than the minimum bid price. Artists who do not not wish to provide a “Buy Now” price may draw a large X in the “Buy Now” space on the bid sheet and write “NO” in the “Buy Now” column of the control sheet. A piece for which the “Buy Now” price has been met will remain on display until the close of the Art Show, and will be picked up with the rest of purchased artwork on Sunday.

Mail-in Art Submissions – The Further Confusion Art Show accepts Mail-In Art Submissions of flat artwork for artists who have registered, paid-for, and been assigned panels in the Art Show. Any Mail-In Art Submissions made to the Art Show from artists who have not registered and been assigned panel space will be returned at the artist’s expense. Due to concerns with fragility and special handling needs, 3D artwork may not be mailed-in. Mail-in Art Submission must be received by the Further Confusion Art Show no later than two (2) weeks before the the start of the convention to ensure that it will be displayed. Mail-In Art Submissions that is mailed past this date will not be displayed and will be returned at the artist’s expense. Artists are asked to confirm with Art Show staff that panel space has been assigned to them before sending any art to Further Confusion.

Mail-In Art Submissions, including completed control sheets, bid sheets, and art tags, may be sent to:

Further Confusion Art Show
PMB 236
105 Serra Way
Milpitas, CA 95035.

Mail-in Art Submissions that do not sell will be returned, between 30 – 45 days, in the same container in which it was received. Please pack Mail-in Art Submissions in a sturdy, well-padded container that can be reused and include a return-shipping label. Do not include a check for return shipping as this will be deducted from an artist’s sales. If insufficient sales are made to cover the cost of return shipping, Art Show staff will reach out to the artist to work out shipping costs.

We strongly recommend insurance for all Mail-In Art Submissions. The Further Confusion Art Show does not accept responsibility for damaged artwork due to shipping, whether sending or receiving, and does not accept responsibility for damages due to hanging or unsuitable matting or framing. Make sure that all art is well-matted or well-framed. Make sure the back-of-art labels are actually attached to the art pieces so we know which is which!

Liability & Legalese – The exhibitor agrees to protect, keep, and save Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc. d/b/a Further Confusion forever harmless from any damage(s) or charge(s) imposed for violations of any law or ordinance by any exhibitor, his employees or agents, as well for failure to comply with the terms and agreements. The exhibitor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save and keep harmless Further Confusion against and from any loss, cost, damage, liability or expense which arises out of or by reason of any act or omission of exhibitor, his or her employees or agents. The laws of the State of California and the United States of America will govern all matters concerning the exhibition of artwork at Further Confusion. In the event that any portion of this agreement is held to be unenforceable or invalid, the rest of the agreement shall remain in effect.
Please visit to apply. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]!