Further Confusion 2018

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FC2018: Furtastic Beasts at Further Confusion, was held Thursday January 11 – Monday January 15, 2018

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Further Confusion 2019

AAE, Inc is pleased to announce our new Chairman for FC2019 will be Kenneth “Fennecus Kitsune” Coane. The theme for Further Confusion 2019 will be “Further Confusion Goes to the Fair”. Fennecus and their executive team will be working hard through the year to bring us all the greatest FC ever! If you would like to be part of the excitement please contact HR@FurCon.org. A larger announcement with more information will be made soon!


FC2018 Wrap Up

Hello FurCon Community,

Thank you again for being a part of Further Confusion! It has been our great joy to put on this event for you, and we sincerely hope you enjoyed your time with us here in San Jose. On a personal level, I am honored to have been the chairman of this event. I’ve been so touched by the dedication of our volunteers, the support and advice from our sponsors and super-sponsors, and the enthusiasm of our attendees. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise over $15,000 for Silicon Valley Pet Project! We are so thrilled to support SVPP’s mission of finding homes for every shelter pet.

Art Show underwent significant changes in preparation for 2018. We are pleased to report that the show ran smoothly, with over 700 pieces displayed and $32,865.00 in sales recorded. I would like to extend a thank you to everyone involved in the refresh for their excellent work. We look forward to continued improvements in the future!

Our venues continue to praise the behavior of our attendees, and many local businesses were excited to welcome them back. In terms of safety, I am delighted to say that incident reports decreased by half this year. We are endlessly thankful for our partnership with FLARE, our first-response team. Their dedication to the safety of our attendees, and their ability to effectively work with emergency responders and our venues is invaluable. It helps, of course, that our attendees are excellent to everyone they meet. We cannot thank you enough for setting such a wonderful tone throughout the weekend.

In terms of growth, we remained limited by our usual hotel capacities this year. Though we look forward to pursuing additional room blocks in the future, we were very pleased to host just over 3,400 attendees this year. Our updated fursuit parade route saw 570 participants, and featured an outdoor section thanks to pleasant weather. Photos from the parade and photoshoot will be posted at www.dragonscales.com in the coming weeks, once the photographers have had time to process them.

As always, we look forward to your feedback. Your suggestions help us to improve, and we love to hear from you. Please reach out to feedback@furtherconfusion.org if you would like us to follow up with you, or click here to submit feedback anonymously.

In closing, there are a few groups I would like to acknowledge. I would like to thank Team San Jose, the San Jose Marriott, the Hilton San Jose, and the Hyatt Place, for being wonderful partners to us this year. The support of our venues means so much to us, and we’re glad to have their help. I would also like to thank all our community members who participated in FC as panelists, DJs, and performers. You talents, skills, and knowledge, shaped the experiences of our attendees throughout the weekend. We could not have created such a successful event without you. And finally, to the volunteer team, thank you, so so much. You should be proud of what you accomplished!

Until next year, may you find magic in the little things all around you. We’ll look forward to seeing you next January!

Tracey “Roux” Simmons
Chairman, FC2018

Registration for 2019 is already open at our early-bird rate! You can click here to check it out 😉

HIV Testing

Update (1/10):

Due to vehicle availability, HIV testing is now only available on Saturday, but with longer hours! From 10PM-5PM SCCPH will be here with us offering free, anonymous and bloodless HIV testing just outside of the con space.

Original post follows:

Further Confusion is proud to announce that we will be offering hurt-free, blood-free HIV testing to our attendees this year through a partnership with Santa Clara County Public Health (SCCPH). On Friday and Saturday from 12-4, the SCCPH mobile testing lab will be parked just outside of the convention space to offer a quick and easy, oral rapid HIV test.

This anonymous testing will be performed by licensed health professionals in a clean and private environment, and will consist of a 10 minute risk-assessment evaluation and consultation session followed by the administration of the OraQuick test. You will not need to provide any form of identification in order to receive services. After the sample is taken, you will be provided with an ID number and may return in 20 minutes to receive your results.

Should a test come back positive, you will be offered a confidential confirmation test, which would require submission of a second saliva sample via an OraSure test, which would be sent to a laboratory. This would necessitate gathering additional information in the form of an ID and contact information. You would also receive referrals to programs that can offer assistance and additional counseling.

As this is an oral test, please ensure you have not had anything to eat or drink in the 15 minutes prior to arriving for your test.

We look forward to seeing you at the con, and wish you all the best of health!


Further Confusion is one of the world’s largest anthropomorphic (or “furry”) conventions, celebrating its 20th anniversary next January! It is held in the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose Marriott, and San Jose Hilton. Many events and attractions, including the Dealers’ Room, Art Show, and Main Stage will be located in the brand new “expansion space” of the convention center, right between our two main hotels. The dates of the 2019 convention will be January 17th through 21st.

Further Confusion features exciting events, educational panels, a dealer’s room with comics, artwork, collectibles and clothing, an art show, gaming, nightly dances and world-class costuming!